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Cats currently available for Adoption


If you are interested in adopting any of these cats, please submit
On Line Rescue application and fill in all information. If you have submitted one and it has been over one year , please resubmit the application so we can have  your current information.
  After submitting the Application, contact  the person indicated
and let them know the
name of the cat you are interested in.

Our cats are fostered in homes throughout Southern California and we always find a way to transport them by car.  We do not ship our cats by plane.

If  you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact Marla

This may only be a partial list.  Check here frequently for updated information.  
Page last updated February 6, 2016


Posted 1/23/16                                 

STATUS: Available
THE DIVINE MISS S (formerly known as Aggie)

Here I am in all my splendor, just waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet.  I am only about 3 yrs, full of play.

In my youth I was a handful, I had a dog to help get my energy out.  Unfortunately my family became ill and could not take care of me.  I was split up from my playmate and had  to move.  Yes, I grieved,  yes I was angry and I will admit it took me a long time to get over it.  I think I am ready to move on now but am very specific on who I will live with.

You see, I am full of spunk and need lots of interaction with my human, lots of playtime, lots of attention.  I need someone that can handle all my energy and, although I am not a full aby, I have lots of aby in me with that abytude to go along with it.

I need an adult only home, I prefer women's energy and my foster mom is going to set up a meet and greet with a dog blind date to see if  I will like other  dogs.

If you are intrigued with my story and with me, please get in touch with Marla

Location: La Mesa





Posted 1/31/16                                  

STATUS: Available

Hi there, I am Alexa, named after my rescuer!  You would never believe I was living on the streets when they came along and I just knew they would be able to help me.  I got into their car and somehow they figured out to call S.C.A.R.  You humans are amazing!

They say I am about 5 years old, but I know nothing about those things.  I just want a human to love me, cuddle with me and play with me. I was neglected too long and now deserved to be spoiled!

Warning to you though, I get very jealous of other cats that live with me as I want the human all to myself.  Even though I am petite, I can pack a mighty punch and will make no hesitation to attack those cats.  Guess it was my life on the streets that taught me to defend myself.

So, if you have no other cats, preferably no dogs or children, and have fallen in love with me, then quickly get in touch with my foster mom, Marla

Location: Los Angeles



Posted 9/2/15                                 

STATUS: Adoption pending

Alright, no jokes about Polly wanna a cracker or I will get mad.  I am more about Pollyanna cuteness......unless there is another cat around and I will chase them until they run away from me.  I, personally, think it is fun, but my foster mom.....not so much.

I am sure you are entranced with my beautiful body so I will tell you more. 

I am a beautiful 8 yr old blue somali girl looking for a human to admire me and be my companion. My family split up and I found myself out of a home.  Yes, I admit I was angry, after could this happen to beautiful me? I am over it now though and ready to move on.   

So what do you think?  Do you want to take me on?  I think we should go solo, no other dogs or cats, just me and the humans.  So much more civilised that way!


Marla is waiting to hear from you!

Location: Las Vegas



Posted 11/22/15                                 

STATUS: Available

Greetings to all.  Did you to a double take?  Your eyes did not deceive you.  You are seeing a magnificent male ruddy.  I am royalty, I am regal and I deserve to have a home where I can be admired and hang out with you. I can be loving, but I can give you your space also.  Do you like classical music like I do?  It really helps me mellow out.

Please be advised that I do not like other cats, dogs or little children.  At 8 years old I love to play with that stick with the feather on the end and can do sumersaults getting it. 

I am a sensitive guy and need someone that will accept me, understand me and love me forever .  If you can do that and have had lots of aby experience, then please contact my friend, Marla


Location: Los Angeles




Posted 9/21/15                                 

STATUS: Available

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you.  I am a beautiful fawn aby girl looking for a new  home.   Sometimes I take after the white rabbit in that wonderland story because I am always running around as if I am late for something.  The truth is there are always so many things to explore and see that sitting still with the humans is not on my agenda.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I will sit next to you and rub my head against you for my share of pets, but laps are not my thing....there is so much to do!

Yes,  you wonder if I can live with another cat and the answer is yes.  However, please don't expect me to become chummy with them because I won't.  We can share the same house, but I will let them know if they are in my space with a lift of my paw. 

What do you say?  Are you ready for an energetic beautiful fawn girl like me?  If  you are then hurry up and talk to Marla

Location: Las Vegas

Oh, you mean I have to wait until you set it up?



Posted 6/24/15                                  

STATUS: Available

It is PRINCESS Chloebelle to you, by the way. Aren't I the most beautiful blue princess you have ever laid eyes on?  I hold my seven years well, don't you agree?

I came by my intelligence the natural way and understand everything  you are saying and doing, nobody can fool me. 

I do love to play and need to have our playtime many times during the day.  Yes, I also love my naptime, it is really called beauty rest, which is very important to keep me looking so glamorous. Don't get me wrong, it is not all about my looks.  I am a sensitive girl inside and really want someone that understands me.  I prefer being the only one, but will consider a quiet dog. 

I am accepting resumes and interviews now so contact my agent, Marla

Location: Los Angeles







Posted 8/24/15                                 


Who out there is willing to take me in, this handsome, debonnaire, mature gentleman.  I will indulge you with my wit, charm and conversation.

I have been there, done that, and now am happy just to stay inside with you and hang out.   I enjoy my place in the sun, seeing what you are up to and then going for my nap.    At 11 yrs young, I have lots to give so what do you say.....................

contact Marla   if you are interested in having me join your household....and live in Southern California

Location: Apple Valley



Posted 4/1/15                                  

STATUS: Available

I personally think I am the most beautiful somali around here, yes I am the only somali around here.  Don't you think my coat is beautiful?  Aren't my eyes stunning?  I am a dignified girl of 2 years and would prefer a quieter place to live.  Yes, I have put up with other felines, but to permanently live with another one....well I would want them to respect me....and it would have to be only one. 

Nobody knows my background and I have moved on so let's just say I am a pet quality ruddy somali, or if you think I am a mix......who cares.  What matters is that I am beautiful, love to have my coat stroked and would just like to hang out with you.  I am on the shy side and need someone who is very patient with me.

What do you say.................are  you ready to do my bidding while I am on my princess throne?

You can contact my friend Marla.

Location: Los Angeles










Posted 6/24/15                                  

STATUS: Available

I am an adorable 8-9 yr old girl waiting for a new home. I an affectionate, fun, playful, good natured, what more could anyone ask for. Once there were three of us sisters and when Popo goes to her new home I will be alone.......unless you want my parents too!

Our human passed and we thought we were going to stay with the friend forever, but....... we sure had a blast at our foster home and I am still having fun here.

I know this is just temporary until YOU adopt me.  My sister Butters has her photo on the success page.  It is my turn now!


Well, Tiny, it is hard to believe our kids will be leaving us, we have been together all this time!

Yes, Oliver, and to think we were just kids ourselves when we had them.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone wanted the three of us?

Yes, Tiny, but remember we are the love generation and get along with everyone!

Oliver, it was a shame you had to have your eye removed from that glaucoma, but we are thankful for them  taking care of you. 

Tiny, it doesn't bother me a bit.


Marla knows about me !

Location: Las Vegas





KAYKEE (left) and TINY (right)





Posted 6/14/15                                  

STATUS: Available

My name is Ashley and I am a beautiful blue young 8 yr old girl looking for a new home.  My last two homes were not so nice for me so my new human must be devoted to me.  I want someone who is home lots and will not leave me alone for days at a time.  I want to be the only cat in the house because my first experience living amongst cats did not go well.

I know, I know, I have lots of demands.  You know though, that if my demands are met, I will be a loving companion.

There's more so if you are interested, get in touch with Marla !

Location: Las Vegas









Posted 10/7/13                                  


Are  you looking for an aby with a softer side? One that loves to cuddle in bed and give face kisses?  One that will purr the entire time you get your face washed? Then look no further, for I am your girl. 

I was born in 2007 and have the most beautiful red coat EVER!

Please don't be put off at first if I don't warm up to you.  I will act coy and evaluate you.  Once I accept you, watch out..... I will be an attention magnet.  Even toys will not deter me from just wanting your undivided love. My purrfect human must have lots of patience because of my shyness.

Unfortunately I have ended up with many allergies.  If given the wrong food (and I do like my meals), I will scratch myself raw.  My foster mom gives me those little cans of Fancy something with turkey and I lap it up.

Because of my special allergies I have to be the only one......something about eating from the other cats' dishes???????

What are you waiting for?   Contact Marla right away!!!!!!

Location: Las Vegas









..................THE FOLLOWING CATS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED...............

Posted 9/2/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted


Introductions are necessary here, my name is Archer and I am an exquisite ruddy 8 yr old somali.  Things happen in life, families split up, but I have been there, done that and am ready for my new home.  I have only lived with one other cat before and it was not all that it was made out  to be.  Therefore I want to be the only man in your life (unless there is a human man already).  You will find that I am affectionate, curious and like to give kisses!

Marla is waiting to hear from you!

Location: Las Vegas





Posted 12/9/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Hello out there.  It has been a little difficult for me the last couple of months, but I am hoping you are looking for the cutest 8 yr young girl you have ever seen.   My owner passed away, I went to her daughter but I just didn't fit in so here I am. 

I ultimately just want to cuddle with you in bed and be your one and only.  Once I start to feel comfortable with you I will not tolerate any other animals  in our relationship.  I want to go solo with my person, no dogs, no cats, no children. 

I am a feminine little girl and I can be a little shy at first,  but isn't that what we do in a new relationship?

Hurry  up, I am waiting....just get in touch with  Marla


Location: Los Angeles




Posted 12/27/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Chicky here.   I am looking for fun and more fun and if  you can't entertain me than keep looking.  I have a carefree past and am used to getting my own  way.  Truthfully, I am too smart for my own good.

This 3 yr old girl wants a home with lots of attention and love.   I will play with those wand things and balls and....oh  yes.....I love to chase other cats, but only because I don't want them in my space.  You know what that means - I don't want any other cats around me.  A calm dog will do, but no cats or little children.

I love to eat but have a delicate sytem so a grain free, high quality food is   my meal  junk food or you will truly regret it.

I can give you kisses and purrs and am ever so cute so if you have fallen in love and want me then talk with  Marla


Location: Los Angeles




Posted 10/23/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Are you looking for a foxy good looking boy?  Well look no further for you have  found me.  I am an approximately 7  yr old ruddy guy that wants to spend the rest of my life being loved.

I love to be petted, carried around, have my tail stroked, forhead and chin scratched,  you name it. I am an affectionate purr machine. 

My teeth are perfect, my coat is plush.  You are getting the idea, right?

What I don't like are dogs.........of any kind.

I haven't decided if I want to share a home with another cat at this time.

Hurry, what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with Marla

Location: Santa Rosa





Photography donated by Jessica.





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