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Our cats are fostered in homes throughout Southern California and we always find a way to transport them by car.  We do not ship our cats by plane.

If  you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact Marla

This may only be a partial list.  Check here frequently for updated information.  
Page last updated April 6, 2015


Posted 3/21/15                                 

STATUS: Available

Hi there everyone, Ethan here.  I am a stud boy, only in the sense that my good looks will knock your socks  off.  Actually,   I just got neutered after coming out of the joint. 

At only 2 yrs old, I am a laid back kind of guy.   If  you want to have me live with you, I will want affection and attention.

What am I doing here with all these pure looking abys.  Well, sometimes one has to look deeper into one's soul to find the true personality, don't  you agree?

Oh, by the way,  I don't want to share my space with other cats so keep that in mind when you contact Marla to let her know you are interested in loving me.

Location: Whittier






Posted 4/1/15                                  

STATUS: Available

I personally think I am the most beautiful somali around here, yes I am the only somali around here.  Don't you think my coat is beautiful?  Aren't my eyes stunning?  I am a dignified girl of 2 years and would prefer a quieter place to live.  Yes, I have put up with other felines, but to permanently live with another one....well I would want them to respect me.  Nobody knows my background and I have moved on so let's just say I am a pet quality ruddy somali, or if you think I am a mix......who cares.  What matters is that I am beautiful, love to have my coat stroked and would just like to hang out with you.  I hope you like to read because I was named for the know the one.  Actually, I prefer to be called Princess Fisher!

You can contact my friend Marla.

Location: Los Angeles







Posted 3/21/15                                  

STATUS: Available
PEPE AND LAZARUS (nicknamed Lazlo)

They say girls just want to have fun...well they don't know us.  We just want to have fun....and more fun.......and more fun!

I will speak as I am the eldest.  I got my name Pepe because I am so, well, darned peppy!  You would never know that I am ten years young.  Maybe it is my beautiful red coat.

Lazlo is like my grandson and I am showing him the ropes....and the stuffed mice.....and the laser lights.  He is a mere 2 yrs old and sometimes his shyness comes out when he is overwhelmed. We do like to chase each other all around.

If you want two high energy, active, don't know when to stop abys....we are waiting.

Fill out  your application and then contact Marla.


Location: Los Angeles






Posted 3/23/15                                   

STATUS: Available

Hi there!  Yes, I agree, I am a very beautiful 6 yr old red girl. I have all the qualities that you love in  your aby....I am loving, sweet and like attention.  When you are not showering affection on me, I like to watch the world go by on the very top of my very tall scratching post.  Do you have one in front of a window for me?

In addition to enjoying my meals, I like to bat balls around and flip the mice in the must have those for me.  Oh yes, as  you can see I love that red shiny light.  Hmmm, where does it come from?

I did not do well with the other cat in my previous home so my new one has to be free of other cats, dogs and children.  It is a plus if you have had an aby before to be able to handle my total aby nature. I am very sensitive to smells and smarter than the average cat.  My ideal human would be someone that respects me and understands my intelligence.

If  you want this cute little girl, then email Marla .


Location: San Diego







Posted 6/15/14                                  


That is short for Samantha, but I prefer Sammy.   I am a ten-eleven year old fawn girl and I just want to be loved.  I can sit next to you while you are doing whatever humans do and be very happy. While you are doing that I will just relax and be my beautiful self.

My purrfect home would be with a single person that is very quiet. I am very fortunate for my foster mom and dad because my life would have been very difficult without them. 

I am declawed on all four paws, am deaf and have an auto immune skin condition which requires a simple cream on my ear several times a week.

If  you want to take me home then email Marla for more information.

Location: Lancaster





Posted 12/17/14                                  

STATUS: Available

We go together  like milk and cookies, like Ginger and Fred, like...well you get the point.  We are brother and sister and stick together.  At a little over one year old, we are still learning about life.  I Frisco, being the man about the house, will dare to venture out first.  SuzieQ watches me.  I'm not sure if she is more cautious or is smart and letting me get into trouble.  What do you think?

Yes, we are the cutest little red abys you will see.  Please know that we did not have a normal beginning.  As we grew up in a home with too many cats, we did not  get lots of socialization.  We want to learn and need a new home that is quiet and has lots of patience for us. 

It will be worth it all.

Marla is waiting to hear from you.

Location: Apple Valley




Posted 10/7/13                                  


Are  you looking for an aby with a softer side? One that loves to cuddle in bed and give face kisses?  One that will purr the entire time you get your face washed? Then look no further, for I am your girl. 

I am only about five years old and have the most beautiful red coat EVER!

Please don't be put off at first if I don't warm up to you.  I will act coy and evaluate you.  Once I accept you, watch out..... I will be an attention magnet.  Even toys will not deter me from just wanting your undivided love. My purrfect human must have lots of patience because of my shyness.

Unfortunately I have ended up with many allergies.  If given the wrong food (and I do like my meals), I will scratch myself raw.  My foster mom gives me those little cans of Fancy something with turkey and I lap it up.

Because of my special allergies I have to be the only one......something about eating from the other cats' dishes???????

What are you waiting for?   Contact Marla right away!!!!!!

Location: Las Vegas









..................THE FOLLOWING CATS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED...............

Posted 3/21/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

We are best friends with Pepe and Lazarus, but we are even more best friends with each other.

Yes, I am a petite ruddy girl, but can keep up with my boyfriend Fido.  We are both 2 yrs old and full of spunk, fun, and keep you laughing forever.  I have discovered my sweet tooth so if you leave anything on a table, watch out, I'm on it.

That's right, Patsy.  We love jumping on high places and running around playing with toy, exploring new things...nothing will keep us down.  Well maybe when we have to stop to eat, drink or use the box.

If  you are ready for a high energy, all over the place pair of abys, we are the ones for you.

What are you waiting for, fill out the application and get in touch with Marla.


Location: Los Angeles







Posted 1/9/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

I am Puma....hear me MEOW??? I am a 5 yr old ruddy girl with a quiet sense of humor. It goes with my quiet nature.  You will not find me fawning all over  you when you come to see me.  It might take me 15 minutes to warm up, should you have the right stuff to win me over!

I am only about 8 lbs. and pretty as can be.  I am known for my big eyes.

Are you home most of the time?  I do not like to be left alone for hours on end.  Are you cat free now?  I will not tolerate sharing my home with another cat.

If I have caught your attention, please contact Marla right away!!!!!!

Location: Las Vegas





Posted 2/15/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Hello every one, welcome to my debut!  Where have I been all your life, well I have been learning that people are nice and bring me good food and nice affection.  AND I think I like it!

Yes, I am a beautiful ruddy girl, born in 2008. I did have one litter, but playing mom was not for me.  I was spayed and went to a home, but never did get along with the other cat there.  So............long story short, I am ready for a home now with no other cats , dogs or children.  Although I have learned to become the aby that I am, I think all those other distractions would be overwhelming at this time.

I'm game if you are and if you are then get in touch with, Marla.


Location: Las Vegas







Posted 3/8/15                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Hello.......I am as delicious as your afternoon cup of coffee.  Born on July 1, 2007, I am a 6 yr old girl under the Cancer sun sign.  This would indicate that I am sensitive and can take things personally.........not for me.  I don't know my rising sign, but it must overtake my sun sign.

I will not tolerate other cats, unless they are far away from me, meaning in someone else's home, not mine.  This is why I am moving on to a new home.

I love to play, roll over and be told how absolutely beautiful I am.  Don't you agree I am beautiful?????

Hold on there, don't fight over me, but contact Marla if you think you are worthy of my love!


Location: West Los Angeles







Posted 2/7/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

I am RICHARD, formerly known as Felix.  Oh,  you want to know more?  Well........

I am a ruddy, handsome, 10lb boy.  I love high places and I will go where I please, just because I can!  I am only 5-6 yrs old and and very tired of having to live among so many cats!  If you have just one calm cat, then that would be fine.  Children are ok with me also.

I am a gentleman, think designer jeans and Italian loafers with a shirt and sports coat freshly pressed from the cleaners.  I can handle myself at a casual pool party or a formal evening benefit. My new name fits me better and I really like it now.

What do you think................are you ready for me?  Yes, well then contact my agent, Marla.


Location: Laguna Niguel









Posted 1/27/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Hi There, we are blue 7 yr old siblings and we are looking f or a new family .   We are cute, affectionate, playful..............what more could you ask for in a pair of cats.

Yes, we want to be together and keep each other company.

Children would be ok, but we are very waryof dogs, that is why we need to move.

Interested in finding out Marla.


Location: Castaic







Posted 1/19/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Do you want a pair of girls that will give you  hours of laughter?  Look no further, for we are the ones.  I was just a teenager when I gave birth to Heidi, I am only a little over a  year now. My little girl is just coming up to 6 months.  Please know that these are approximate ages as us felines really don't deal in time as you humans do.

We love to play with balls, toilet paper, or anything that gets in our way.  We are both on the shy side so we would prefer a quieter  home please.

We are ruddy mixes and we say mix because we can't verify our background.

Aren't we beautiful......we think so.

If you have a quiet home, no children, calm dogs only  please.....then contact Marla.

Location: Fontana




Annie (mom)

Heidi (daughter)


Posted 12/1/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Look into my eyes and repeat after me......I want Simon, I want Simon.

I am a  two year old ruddy boy that wants the company of  other cats.  You want two cats you say, then please take Isabella and me because we came from the same place. 

We both had a sad beginning but we are both looking forward to a happy ending.

Our owner passed and we were brought to a shelter.  We had been kept in cages all our young life without any socialization, but we have graduated school now. I like to be stroked with a feather and Isabella secretly likes to be in your lap.  Sometimes she will allow me to kiss her.

Both of us would prefer to be in a quiet home.

I will take you out of your trance now at the count of three.

One....two.....three....hurry up and contact Marla

Location: Los Angeles






Posted 5/6/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

I love my name, it has a special ring to it when you say it slowly..................I  S  A  B  E  L  L  A. 

I am a very special,  young 2 yr old aby mix girl.  Why am I special?  All I know is that my foster mom tells me that all the time.  I am polite, refined and you might think I am on the shy side.  I want to get to know you before I trust  you, so much more civilised that way.  The only home that will do for me would be a quiet one - that means no children .  We can spend our time listening to soft music, dining and reading together.  Doesn't that sound enticing?  I would love to sit on your lap and roll over for you.  I know it is not very dignified, but it sure feels good!  I would like to go home with my friend Simon.

Contact my foster mom, Marla, she is waiting.....


Location:West Los Angeles






Posted 1/27/15                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Hi, I am Sandy Boy, but if that is too much for you then call me Sandy.

You are not seeing double, there are two of us.  I am the cute playful red boy and at 9 yrs I have lots of spunk.

I can talk for myself, older one....I am Demetrius, but everyone calls me Meechi and I prefer that.  Your eyes are not deceiving you, I am the stately blue boy and at 5 yrs I just want to be loved.  I let Sandy take on the world and then I just watch.

It is one of those sad stories that we are here, you see our human passed suddenly.  We must remain together so if you have room for us....................then contact Marla .

We would get along with another aby, but have never lived with children or dogs.

Location: Whittier






Posted 12/21/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Fact:  I am an adorable playful 1 yr old ruddy mix

Fact:  I am looking for a new home MEOWWWWW

Fact:  I love to eat

Fact:  I love to play

Fact:  I really don't want to share my  human with any one.

Fact:  I am affectionate.

Fact:  You  have now fallen madly in love with me and will be contacting


Yes, I am a simple girl that does not waste time with words, ADOPT ME NOW!

Location: Apple Valley





Posted 12/15/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Sugar and Spice....and  then  there is me CINNAMON!

I am a beautiful 3  yr old ruddy girl, ready for a new future with you.  Do you have a quiet home,  with no more than two adults.  No other cats?  No dogs?  Then I would love to come live with you.

I am an explorer and love to run and jump.  One of my favorite games is to play slide on the throw rug.  I can amuse myself for hours playing with my imaginary toys and my real toys.

Dinnertime?  I will come running.

HELLOOOO....what are  you waiting for,  get in touch with Marla

Location: Whittier





Posted 12/22/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Hi there, my name is Jake and I am ready for you to take me into your life.  My human is ill and can't care for me which I am very sad about.  But....I am ready for my next adventure which could include another cat or dog.

At 8-9 yrs old I am a very handsome blue male and have lots of playtime and love for you. So what if I don't have my front claws - it doesn't matter to me.

What are  you waiting for?  Email Marla ASAP!


Location: Laguna Niguel






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