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Our cats are fostered in homes throughout Southern California and we always find a way to transport them by car.  We do not ship our cats by plane.

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Page last updated April 9, 2014


Posted UPDATE 4/9/14                                 

STATUS: Available

Let it be known that I am a man's feline.  At two years old,  I would rather play, explore and just hang around. It is not necessary for me to look like those other diva abys, it is enough to know that I have aby in me and am deserving of your affection.  Once I bond with you, I will come when you call my name, from wherever I am in the house.  I will sit on your chest and stare into your eyes.

A warning to the wife, I may ignore you and focus all my love on  your husband.

Other cats do not bother me, a nice home with adults would suit me fine. 


If  you want to know more about me, contact Marla .

Location: Apple Valley






Posted 4/9/14                                  

STATUS: Available

I have lots to say.....about anything.   Take me home and we can have a lifetime of love and play together.  At only eight years, I just want to hang out with you and be the center of your attention. 

Even though there are other cats in my foster home, I prefer human company or my own space rather than hang around with the other cats.

I just want to show off my beautiful red coat and rub my  head against you, in that aby way. Tell me I am your special girl, tell me that you want me.

How can you resist me?  Hurry up and let Marla know you are in love with me.

Location: Apple Valley






Posted 1/15/14                                  

STATUS: Available

I must admit I am a cute little thing.  At approximately 3 years, I love to play, hunt and cuddle with a feline companion.  Yes, I might allow some attention  from  humans, too, but on my terms.

I love other cats, well mannered ones, and love to cuddle with them.  I will be shy around humans, so I would prefer a home with one or two adults that will be patient with me and love me for the playful girl I am.

My beautiful red coat shines in the sun and I love to sun bathe.

Marla knows all about me.

Location: Whittier





Posted 3/26/14                                  

STATUS: Available

It was a sad day for me when I had to leave my home of 8 years.

You see, my  human was ill and could no longer care for me.  I'm not happy about it because I had been with them as a kitten, but my foster mom keeps telling me that good things are in the future for me. 

I love high places and playtime is one of my favorite times of the day.  Do you need help around the house?  If so, I can open drawers and cabinets for you, talking to you all the time.

I do think it is fun to escape out the door, so for my safety, I  would be better in a home with adults only. 

Are you ready for this approximately 8 yr old ruddy girl with spunk and attitude?

If so, then get in touch with Marla

P.S., Although I am in Reno, I will find a way to get to you.

Location: Reno










Posted 2/2/14                                  

STATUS: Available

Ok, I admit it.......I am a tomboy.  I just want to run around and play and run around some more.  What  do you expect at four years old.  There are more important things to do and places to explore which is why I don't want to be sitting on your lap and cuddling.    AND, at only about four years old, I have lots of energy.    

If you think you can handle me, there is only one request, you can't have any other cats for I don't want to share my space with them.

After being left at a shelter, then getting out on Christmas Eve, then landing in a fabulous foster home with lots of love......well, I decided I deserved to be the queen bee.  Take one look at me and I know you would agree!!!

P.S. This photo was taken in a weak moment of rest!

If you want me to be  your one and only,  don't waste time and email



Location: Las Vegas





Posted 10/7/13                                  


Are  you looking for an aby with a softer side? One that loves to cuddle in bed and give face kisses?  One that will purr the entire time you get your face washed? Then look no further, for I am your girl. 

I am only about five years old and have the most beautiful red coat EVER!

Please don't be put off at first if I don't warm up to you.  I will act coy and evaluate you.  Once I accept you, watch out..... I will be an attention magnet.  Even toys will not deter me from just wanting your undivided love. My purrfect human must have lots of patience because of my shyness.

Unfortunately I have ended up with many allergies.  If given the wrong food (and I do like my meals), I will scratch myself raw.  My foster mom gives me those little cans of Fancy something with turkey and I lap it up.

Because of my special allergies I have to be the only one......something about eating from the other cats' dishes???????



What are you waiting for?   Contact Marla right away!!!!!!


Location: Las Vegas













..................THE FOLLOWING CATS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED...............



Posted 9/29/13                                  

STATUS: Adopted

I am quite comfy in my little hideaway, snuggling  up all warm and cozy is  one of my favorite things.  If you have a nice fuzzy blanket then  I would like nothing better than to come home with you and be your one and only.  Can't you just see us, sitting on the sofa, side by side, watching a movie  together. Although I can't comment on the acting, I can certainly give you a purr.

I am a Pisces, born 3/5/2009, and as you can see, I am a beautiful little ruddy girl. I might take a little time to get to know you, but once I feel out.  I am a total lovebug and will want your company.  Did I mention I do not like to share with others and want you all to myself.

My human had to move and did not take me along, so I am waiting for somene else to sweep me off my four paws.


If you are the one, then get in touch with Marla

You won't regret it!

Location: Las Vegas











Posted 11/7/13                                  

STATUS: Adopted

I love my name Ryan. It has that grrrr sound, like the lion in the jungle and I am like a lion. Repeat after me....Grrrryan. I want to be king of the house and do not want to be bothered with any other felines. Small quiet dogs are ok, they are no match for me.

I am nine years young, going on two. Let me hunt down those mice on the stick...I will kill them for you! Silly you if you even think of trying to read a book without me laying on it. Isn't it all about me!!! I do like to be brushed (the more the better) and will follow you around the house. If you have a nice sun patch, it would make me very happy.

Do not even think of forgetting my treats, they are my favorite thing in life AND I can catch them in my big paws!!

Intrigued?  Then you better email Marla poste haste!


Location: West Los Angeles







Posted 1/4/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

July 17, 2003 was an important day for the world!  Why you ask....well that's the day I was born. The world is a better place for it and I am ready to make  you very happy if you take me home.  I just want to do the aby head butt dance and purr, purr, purr.    Life was very good until the little baby came along and then I became second fiddle, then third fiddle and you know the rest. 

My foster dad took me to the vet and they said I was in good shape.  I could have told them  that, but did they believe me...NOOOOOOO.  I hope I don't have to take that ride too soon.

I am rambling, but if you take me home I promise to be your love machine for the rest of time.  If you have a small calm dog that would be ok too, but I wouldn't be too happy sharing my house with another feline.

C'mon, what are  you waiting for?  Get in touch with Marla and let's get the process going.

Location: San Diego





Posted 12/8/13                                   

STATUS: Adopted

Hello, my name is Camille and I can mesmerize you with just one look.  At about 4 years old, I am playful, affectionate and all that  you would want in a ruddy aby mix girl. 

I am comfortable with small dogs, but not big ones and I do not want to tolerate another cat.

You can be the center of my world and I can be  yours.

If you agree, then I sugget you contact Marla and let's start our lives together.


Location: San Diego





Posted 1/20/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Hello all you aby lovers.  I'll bet  you are questioning why I am with all these other abys, right?  Well I am an aby mix boy and I am wise beyond my eight years.  I have seen the world, at least my corner of it, and am ready to just hang out with you, your other feline friends or canine friends.  It is my time to shine, relax and just enjoy life.  It is like living in the moment, something all you humans could do too!   I do enjoy my meals, have clean habits and am just waiting for you to fall in love with me and take me home.

Intrigued with my laid back personality?  You may get in touch with Marla and she will let you know all about me

Location: South Bay



Posted 7/14/13                                   

STATUS: Adopted

Hey, I'm the best looking dude available and I do tell the truth!

I am an easy going ruddy mix, looking for love in all the right places.  I am only  about 6  yrs, calm, friendly.......what more could you want.

I think my coat and marking are very beautiful and unusual, and you will too once you meet me.

I love to really attack the cat tree and I have lots of fun playing with my big toy mouse.  I throw it up in the air and have a ball...or rather a mouse, heh, heh. Yes, I can have my affectionate moments too.  

I can get along with others.  Here I am on the left with my roomies (they stay, but I am excited about moving on).  What do you mean what are we doing on the counter?  Isn't that what all abys are supposed to do?  I thought it was our right!

I know you want me so hurry up and email Marla .


Location: Whittier



Posted 11/26/13                                   

STATUS: Adopted

Hello, let me introduce myself to you, my name is Abigail and I am seeking out my new home.  I am an exception to the aby rule for I am on the quiet side. I was given my name that I love six years ago when my first human mom fell in love with me as kitten. I like to play with feather toys and hang out with you. I am the queen of the bedroom and would love nothing more than to sleep in bed with you. Please know that I do not give myself up to you right away, I am not that kind of girl.  I want to make sure you are the one for me and if I think so, then we will become good friends. Actually that isn't that hard because if you recognize my beauty then I will  know that you are worthy of me.

Oh, by the way, I don't like to share my space with other cats. I tried that once and it just isn't for me.


If  you want to know more about me, contact Marla .

Location: Whittier






Posted 11/7/13                                  

STATUS: Adopted

I am a pretty Princess and I think my name reflects that of me. At two years old, I feel like I have lived a lifetime. My foster mom has surmised that I was abandoned and ended up in a feral cat colony. When she saw me at the shelter, she did not believe that I was feral and decided to take me with her. She has been so patient with helping me remember that humans could provide play and love. So here I am waiting for you.

I only request that you continue to tell me how pretty I am, I love to hear her say that Raj is a pretty princes.s I do like other cats, but I just can't deal with any overbearing personalities.

A quiet one or two person house would work best for me, with someone who has lots of patience to give me time to blossom. I just might surpise you though and sleep with you the first night!

Am I a poorly bred aby? Everyone thinks so, but I am still a pretty princess!



If you want the sweetest girl ever, contact Marla and you won't regret it.


Location: West Los Angeles




photos courtesy of Susan Weingarten Photography




Posted 12/8/13                                   

STATUS: Adopted

In my youth (and I am only about three years now), I thought I wanted to be an actor.  Well, even with a name like Hamlet, I realized it was difficult for a cat to get into Hollywood so I have been enjoying just being a cat.

Yes, that is a beautiful red coat that you see and I love having it brushed.  I also love to play, follow you around, help you get ready for the day and anything else you may need.  If you have other cats, it would not bother me.


What are you waiting for, email my agent, Marla if you want to spend the rest of your  life with me.

Location: Las Vegas




Posted 12/7/13                                   

STATUS: Adopted

OK everyone....tell them Simba is here.  I am a cute, irrisistable, playing machine.  At only eight years old, my eyes will charm you, my good looks and personality will melt  your heart. 

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have to move on.  No, I am not too happy about it, but it must happen and the sooner the better.

I  have never lived with other cats or children and I definately do not like dogs.  However, I can be your one and only furrevver....purrr........

So, step right up and call me yours.......

email Marla to get my information


Location: Van Nuys




Posted 12/30/13                                   

STATUS: Adopted

Yes,  you are correct!  I am the most beautiful blue aby boy on the block.   I find myself at six years old looking for a new home.  Why, do you ask?  Merely because a human was allergic to me.....imagine that.

I will seek you out to give love and kisses, but I also like to play hide and seek.  I will hide and then drive you nuts trying to seek me out.  Don't bother though, because I am very clever at hiding.

I came from a home that was quiet and I would prefer that .  I could handle a small dog or one cat.  More than one other animal and I am overwhelmed.


If  you are looking for a dignifed beautiful boy, contactMarla for more information, but don't forget to submit your application first.

Location: Laguna Niguel




Posted 12/4/13                                   

STATUS: Adopted

Are you looking for the love of your life, the one that will be by  your side through thick and thin?  Then look no further, for I am the one.

I think I am the cutest 5 yr blue boy that you will ever meet.  My day should consist of love, play and then love some more.  I am getting used to the other cats in this temporary home, but I am still not sure about them.

Won't you take me home with you.....forever.


If I am your boy, contact Marla .

Location: Yorba Linda







Posted 11/17/13                                  

STATUS: Adopted

I am in charge of my domain and anything that resides in it. Yes, that includes other cats, dogs and humans. I am to be obeyed and any breathing being living with me must understand that.

Petting is acceptable, in fact I require it.  I really do not know what the big deal is about my history. Who cares? I am here, you are here and that is all that matters. All you need to know is that I am about two years old and the most beautiful ruddy girl you have ever seen or will ever see again.

I don't think further words are necessary, just look at my face!

I expect everyone will be fighting over me so get in touch with Marla right away!!!!!!

Location: Orange County








Posted 11/7/13                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Hi, my name is Kira and I am just the sweetest little ruddy girl. I am 9 yrs young and would like nothing better than to purr for you all day and get affection. I hope you are not offended that I am front declawed, but it happened when I was very young. It does not slow me down with anything. I have had other furry feline roommates and I guess I could handle another one, only a calm personality please. If you are looking for a nice companion, then I am purrfect for you.


I know you can't Marla right away!!!!!!


Location: San Diego













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