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Our cats are fostered in homes throughout Southern California and we always find a way to transport them by car.  We do not ship our cats by plane.

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Page last updated July 28, 2014



Posted 10/7/13                                  


Are  you looking for an aby with a softer side? One that loves to cuddle in bed and give face kisses?  One that will purr the entire time you get your face washed? Then look no further, for I am your girl. 

I am only about five years old and have the most beautiful red coat EVER!

Please don't be put off at first if I don't warm up to you.  I will act coy and evaluate you.  Once I accept you, watch out..... I will be an attention magnet.  Even toys will not deter me from just wanting your undivided love. My purrfect human must have lots of patience because of my shyness.

Unfortunately I have ended up with many allergies.  If given the wrong food (and I do like my meals), I will scratch myself raw.  My foster mom gives me those little cans of Fancy something with turkey and I lap it up.

Because of my special allergies I have to be the only one......something about eating from the other cats' dishes???????

What are you waiting for?   Contact Marla right away!!!!!!

Location: Las Vegas









(this means we are not ready for adoption but will be in the future)                         




Ready very soon, they just have to be neutered. Yoda and Chewey are BFF's.

(this is what happens when a female aby gets out that is not spayed.....not good)!







Posted 7/27/14                                   

STATUS: Available

Hi there!  Yes, I agree, I am a very beautiful 4 yr old red girl. I have all the qualities that you love in  your aby....I am loving, sweet and like attention.  When you are not showering affection on me, I like to watch the world go by on the very top of my very tall scratching post.  Do you have one in front of a window for me?

In addition to enjoying my meals, I like to bat balls around and flip the mice in the must have those for me.  Oh yes, as  you can see I love that red shiny light.  Hmmm, where does it come from?

I did not do well with the other cat in my previous home so my new one has to be free of other cats, dogs and children.  It is a plus if you have had an aby before to be able to handle my total aby nature.

If  you want this cute little girl, then email Marla .


Location: Las Vegas








Posted 6/29/14                                   

STATUS: Available

No you are not going crazy......if I look familiar to you.  I really loved my new mom,  but she became allergic to me. 

So here I am again.  I am the same loveable Camille ruddy mix aby that is able to mesmerize you with my adorable face.  I am still  young at about 5 yrs old, playful, affectionate and all THAT! 

I still will be ok with a small quiet dog, but I still don't like CATS!  AND THAT IS THAT!  Yes, I do have a sense of humor also.

I am what they call a door darter and do get over stimulated so a home without small children would be best for me.

If  I am your one and only, hurry and contact Marla .


Location: San Diego





Posted 4/9/14 - UPDATED 7/28/14                                   


I have lots to say.....about anything.   Take me home and we can have a lifetime of love and play together.  At only eight years, I just want to hang out with you and be the center of your attention. 

I just want to show off my beautiful ruddy coat and rub my  head against you, in that aby way. Tell me I am your special girl, tell me that you want me.

I am used to dealing with the other cats here in my foster home and I love to sit in laps.

How can you resist me, especially when I play well with others.    Hurry up and let Marla know you are in love with me.

Location: Apple Valley





Posted 6/15/14                                  


That is short for Samantha, but I prefer Sammy.   I am a ten year old fawn girl and I just want to be loved.  I can sit next to you while you are doing whatever humans do and be very happy. While you are doing that I will just relax and be my beautiful self.

My purrfect home would be with a single person that is very quiet. I am very fortunate for my foster mom and dad because my life would have been very difficult without them. 

I am declawed on all four paws, am deaf and have an auto immune skin condition which requires a simple pill every day.

If  you want to take me home then email Marla  for more information.

Location: Lancaster




Posted 1/15/14- UPDATED 7/28/14                                   

STATUS: Available

I must admit I am a cute little thing.  At approximately 4 years, I love to play, hunt and love to cuddle.  My latest trick is to sleep on top of my foster mom's head.   I don't understand why she wasn't amused when I scratched her forehead.  I was only reacting to a sound outside and....well, her forehead was in my way.

Yes, I have become a little princess and as such, will demand to sleep in your bed. I used to tolerate other cats, but I am very  particular about them now.  It is all about me now! That being said, I don't want to share my human with another cat, but I would be open to a calm dog as company.

My beautiful red coat shines in the sun and I love to sun bathe.

Marla knows all about me.

Location: Whittier


I have come a long way from when these wonderful humans resued me.  I was put into a shelter, very sick.  It seems that I had eye herpes on top of an upper respiratory.  I remember it took me a month to get well enough to be spayed.  I hadn't been used to human affection and only wanted to play.    Now I love to cuddle and thrive on attention, turning into the princess I am today.  Yes, I still have that chronic eye problem, but having a calm home and taking my daily dose of lysine helps to keep it in check.




Posted 5/6/14                                  

STATUS: Available

I love my name, it has a special ring to it when you say it slowly..................I  S  A  B  E  L  L  A. 

I am a very special,  young 2 yr old aby mix girl.  Why am I special?  All I know is that my foster mom tells me that all the time.  I am polite, refined and you might think I am on the shy side.  I want to get to know you before I trust  you, so much more civilised that way.  The only home that will do for me would be a quiet one - that means no children and no dogs.  We can spend our time listening to soft music, dining and reading together.  Doesn't that sound enticing?  I would love to sit on your lap and roll over for you.  I know it is not very dignified, but it sure feels good!

If you agree with me, then you will have to contact my foster mom, Marla


Location:West Los Angeles








..................THE FOLLOWING CATS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED...............


Posted 7/4/14                                   

STATUS: Adopted

Yes, it is true, I am so tiny at 5 lbs that I look like a kitten.  Looks are deceiving because I am a 6 year mature young lady. My ruddy coat is beautiful and I appreciate it when I am told that. 

I want a forever home where I can be the Queen Bee. I want a human or two that will be in love with me the same way I will give them  all of my love.   I will show you my love with head butts and kisses.  

Please know that I am very independent , but once we bond I won't let you go.

If  you have no other cats, dogs or small humans, contact Marla .


Location: Apple Valley





Posted 6/21/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Hi everyone!  My name is Jeffery and I am ready to shower you with my undivided attention.  My senior owner passed away and then I was abandoned in a hotel room, but my good nature helped me acclimate with all the people that have been involved in helping me.

I am ten years old (that is an approximate as I stopped counting at five) , but that doesn't stop me from trying to steal your food when you are in the kitchen.  I am a confident red boy, very curious about everything, extremely tolerant, friendly, quiet,  mischevious, affectionate.......the list goes on.  Oh yes, did I say I would have no problems with the cats or children in your home. It would be possible that I would be ok with your dog, if that dog were calm.

What else is there to say but HURRY UP and let Marla know that you are intersted in me.

Location: San Diego


Don't I look like I have been drinking milk?







Posted 3/26/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Hello there, let me introduce myself.  My name is Tabitha and I am hoping you will want to play with me.  I am eight years old and counting backwards.

This ruddy girl loves high places and playtime is one of my favorite times of the day.  Do you need help around the house?  If so, I can open drawers and cabinets for you, talking to you all the time.  I also loooove affection which is why my foster mom is having such a hard time getting a headshot photo of me.  I just rub againt the camera and shake things up!

I am energetic, inquisitive, optimistic and always looking for fun.

I also think it is fun to escape out the door, so for my safety, I  would be better in a home with adults only. 

If you want to have fun playing, then get in touch with Marla

P.S., Although I am in Reno, I will find a way to get to you.

Location: Reno






Posted 6/14/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Bonjour mes amis. Voulez vous moi?

Eh bien, I will talk in English.  My name is Gigi as you may have already noticed I am the cutest little red 6 yr old girl around, n'est pas?

Oui, I am irresistable, friendly to  humans, cats and dogs, affectionate and love mon cuisine.

If you take me home we will have hours of fun together.

Eh bien, contact Marla toute suite!

Location: Whittier

Here I am after my kill, very satisfied with myself!










Posted 2/2/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

Ok, I admit it.......I am a tomboy.  I just want to run around and play and run around some more.  What  do you expect at four years old.  There are more important things to do and places to explore which is why I don't want to be sitting on your lap and cuddling.    AND, at only about four years old, I have lots of energy.    

After being left at a shelter, then getting out on Christmas Eve, then landing in a fabulous foster home with lots of love......well, I learned how to get along with the other cats. Now we are all just having fun playing around.

Take one look at me and I you will not be able to resist me! My only request is that  you have lots of toys for me to play with, including those laser things.


If you think you can keep up with me, email Marla


Location: Las Vegas





Posted 5/1/14                                 

STATUS: Adopted

We come as a team, right Niles?  Like Ginger and Fred.  Like Lauren and Humphrey.  Like peanut butter and jam.

That's right Abigail.  We are the amazing duo.  If you adopt us you will be getting the most awesome 7 yr old abys ever.  My red coat matches Abigail's ruddy color perfectly. 

Well, Niles, we should tell them that we don't have our front claws.  Or that you are  on a special diet because of that silly skin allergy. 

Abigail, we could tell them that you are a little more reserved than me, but it is my job as the man of the house to protect you.

So here we are, waiting for someone to sweep us off our four (or eight paws) and travel into the sunset together.

Are  you intrigued?  Can't wait to know more?  Then contact Marla  and she will fill you in.

Location: Fontana






Posted 4/26/14                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Yes, you are not imagining it - I am a beautiful fawn aby girl.  I am petite and am told I look like a 9  month old.  However, I am seven and love to play.

My purr is loud and my motor will start immediately upon seeing you.  I want lots of affection and deserve it.  I prefer to be the only girl as I spent all my life around other cats and they took the attention away from me.  It is my turn, if you have a quiet home with no other pets, (well I might consider a polite cat or dog), do not walk, but run, to the computer and email Marla .


P. S.  My name is pronounced Kyla!


Location: Los Angeles







Posted UPDATE 4/9/14                                 

STATUS: Adopted

Let it be known that I am a man's feline.  At two years old,  I would rather play, explore and just hang around. It is not necessary for me to look like those other diva abys, it is enough to know that I have aby in me and am deserving of your affection.  Once I bond with you, I will come when you call my name, from wherever I am in the house.  I will sit on your chest and stare into your eyes.

A warning to the wife, I may ignore you and focus all my love on  your husband.

Other cats do not bother me, a nice home with adults would suit me fine. 


If  you want to know more about me, contact Marla .

Location: Apple Valley







Posted 9/29/13                                  

STATUS: Adopted

I am quite comfy in my little hideaway, snuggling  up all warm and cozy is  one of my favorite things.  If you have a nice fuzzy blanket then  I would like nothing better than to come home with you and be your one and only.  Can't you just see us, sitting on the sofa, side by side, watching a movie  together. Although I can't comment on the acting, I can certainly give you a purr.

I am a Pisces, born 3/5/2009, and as you can see, I am a beautiful little ruddy girl. I might take a little time to get to know you, but once I feel out.  I am a total lovebug and will want your company.  Did I mention I do not like to share with others and want you all to myself.

My human had to move and did not take me along, so I am waiting for somene else to sweep me off my four paws.


If you are the one, then get in touch with Marla

You won't regret it!

Location: Las Vegas











Posted 11/7/13                                  

STATUS: Adopted

I love my name Ryan. It has that grrrr sound, like the lion in the jungle and I am like a lion. Repeat after me....Grrrryan. I want to be king of the house and do not want to be bothered with any other felines. Small quiet dogs are ok, they are no match for me.

I am nine years young, going on two. Let me hunt down those mice on the stick...I will kill them for you! Silly you if you even think of trying to read a book without me laying on it. Isn't it all about me!!! I do like to be brushed (the more the better) and will follow you around the house. If you have a nice sun patch, it would make me very happy.

Do not even think of forgetting my treats, they are my favorite thing in life AND I can catch them in my big paws!!

Intrigued?  Then you better email Marla poste haste!


Location: West Los Angeles







Posted 1/4/14                                  

STATUS: Adopted

July 17, 2003 was an important day for the world!  Why you ask....well that's the day I was born. The world is a better place for it and I am ready to make  you very happy if you take me home.  I just want to do the aby head butt dance and purr, purr, purr.    Life was very good until the little baby came along and then I became second fiddle, then third fiddle and you know the rest. 

My foster dad took me to the vet and they said I was in good shape.  I could have told them  that, but did they believe me...NOOOOOOO.  I hope I don't have to take that ride too soon.

I am rambling, but if you take me home I promise to be your love machine for the rest of time.  If you have a small calm dog that would be ok too, but I wouldn't be too happy sharing my house with another feline.

C'mon, what are  you waiting for?  Get in touch with Marla and let's get the process going.

Location: San Diego






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