Baby Girl Gracie

Location: Los Angeles

Age: 7

Sex: Female

Color: Silver

Healthy: current on vaccinations

A word from Gracie…

My foster mom calls me Baby Girl when she takes care of me so I just told her to add it to the front of my name.  I purr inside and outside when I am referred to with this sweet nothing.

Please don’t even ask my history for I don’t even want to remember it.  I am just thankful that this nice group of humans noticed me languishing in that awful crowded place and got me out of there.   I know that it took lots of patience to give me my space and time to come around again.   I don’t have my front claws so I was defensive and mouthy.    And I itched and chewed the fur on my back.   Boy did she take care of me.   That nice doctor lady found out I am allergic to lots of things so I am on a simple food.

So you know, I don’t want other cats or dogs in my space…yes I tried with the furry roommate but without my claws to defend myself….I am always going to want to get them first before they get me.

What home would I like?  A nice quiet single human whose lap I can sit on when I choose.   Someone who will understand my signals and know when I don’t want anymore touching.  A home that doesn’t have the breeze from outside coming in that will just make me itch.

What do you say???

Love,  Baby Girl