Location: Los Angeles

Age:  4 years

Sex: Female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Cassie…

Got love?    I do too and lots of it.  Pick me up and I will either purr and snuggle or I will want out of your arms to play!  I love to play with anything but my favorite is those little springs.  It is so much fun when my foster mom throws them down the stairs and I run down to get it then pick it up in my mouth and run back upstairs….wheee!

You may think I am a kitten because I am only 5lbs but I am not.  I was very sick when I came here but am much better now.  I do have allergies to foods and some things in the outside world like ragweed.  It can come in through open windows and makes me itch and lose my fur.   I also have probable irritable bowel disease so I am on a special diet which I gobble up.

I must admit, it may take lots to care for me but I am totally worth it.

Love, Cassie