Courtesy Postings and Aby Mixes


The following cats are aby mixes with S.C.A.R. or retired breeder or showcats available through private parties.  Please contact the person listed for more information.

Page last updated
April 6, 2017






Pink Licorice is a retired mother looking for a new home.  She seeks attention and will not stop until she gets it.  OK with other cats.

Fawn somali born May 12, 2012


For information please contact Marla







Moonsie is year old blue Aby, now retired from breeding. Her birthday is April 6, 2017.   She does have some damage to her nasal cavities from a previous cold, resulting in a runny nose/eye, and occasionally she will get stuffed up.  NO other cats, she attacks everyone now. She loves attention and is really sweet, busy and active.

If you are interested please email us for more information.