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Our cats are fostered in homes throughout Southern California and we always find a way to transport them by car.  We do not ship our cats by plane.

If  you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact Marla

This may only be a partial list.  Check here frequently for updated information.  
Page last updated April 18, 2018





POSTED 3/19/17                               

STATUS: Available


Job search:  seeking employment as office assistants: experience in batting pencils, shuffling paper, organizing anything with rings.

Salary requirements:  Food, love, play


Ready to work NOW



I am the mighty Jack, or at least I think I am!  However, I am just a pussycat waiting to purr and give you love.  My red coat blends well with my girlfriend Cinder and we have lots of fun playing together.  Heck, we have fun playing with anyone!

Cinder is a my beautiful girlfriend and she is just too busy playing to talk to you right now.  She is very clever and can turn on that round thing that the red light comes out of.  Yessirree she can turn it on all by itself and likes to do it at 5am in the morning.  Well, humans are still sleeping and we are ready to start our day. 


I imagine any human that wants us to live with us would have to be prepared for all the mischief we might get into, like opening cabinets, doors, climbing bookcases, you name it we will do it, hehe!


We are young (3 yrs) and smart and playful and affectionate and just want to have fun.


Want to see us in action


If you want to have fun playing with us then get in touch with .....Marla

Location: Las Mesa






Updated 9/10/17                              


OK, I admit it....I am a ham, I love to have my picture taken.  Why not?  I am beautiful and sweet!  At about 4 yrs old, I just want to roll around and get affection.  I am looking for someone to appreciate me for who I am.  There is a dog here in my temporary home but we don't have much to do with each other.  When it comes to other feline roomies, it is very important that they do not get into MY food bowl and never when I am eating.  Other than that, I have no problems with them.

I'm sweet, loving beautiful - what more can you ask for?  You are right, I am not a pure aby, but that's what makes me so special!


Oh yes, I do have diabetes, but so far I am not getting those shots, I am stable on food.  If you are familiar with this thing I have that would be a plus for both of us!


So what do you say?  Am I yours?  If so, then contact Marla

Location: Laguna Beach






Posted 6/15/17                            

STATUS: Adoption pending

I am better than any cat here for I am royalty.  I am used to having my way and being pampered.  I need my beauty treatment and that means a brushing of my beautiful ruddy Somali coat every day. Well not really because my coat is in good condition and I eat premium quality food which keeps it that way!

I usually don't tell my age, it just is not done, however.....I will let you know that I am about ten. You would think I was five, which is what I feel like!  I feel so young and it shows when I play with that stick with the mouse on the is my favorite thing!  I jump up in the air and pounce on it.  


Oh yes, because I am royalty I don't mingle with the underling cats.  I have learned to tolerate the underlings though and they know that I am royalty.  That being meowed......I could be enticed to live with you if you have a small calm dog.....or a calm kitty that will understand that I am boss.      


You will be the one missing out if  you don't sweep me off my feet.  Intrigued?  Then contact Marla

Location: Los Angeles






Updated June 2018                 

STATUS: Available

No, you are not seeing double, there are two of us. We think alike most of the time, play together, eat together....well you get the picture.

Since I'm the mama, I will do the talking.  I am Tiny (that's my name), and about 10-11 yrs ago I had my daughter Kaykee.  Well, actually I had three daughters, but my other daughters are living in their furrever homes now.  We were a happy family, my husband, daughters and I, but then our human became ill and we found ourselves in our current temporary home.  My husband is living in his furrever home now also so it is just Kaykee and myself.


I know, I know,  you are saying we are not pure abyssinians.  I can't say, we live in the moment and don't remember those minute details.  I can tell you that you won't regret letting us into your home and heart for we are very affectionate, laid back and friendly cats.


Remember....what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.....but we don't have to!

If you are interested in letting us into YOUR home, contact Marla

Location: Las Vegas










POSTED 3/6/17                               

STATUS: Available


Are you looking at me, the mighty Piccalo.  You may continue looking if you don't  have any dogs, cats or children.

Why you ask......because I have lived with an older person all 12 yrs of my life and it was just us against the world.  At this stage of my life I am not about to learn how to get along with other cats or dogs.  I do have food allergies and have a dietary constraint, but nothing you can't pick up at your local pet food store.


My favorite spot is to be as high up as possible so I can survey all of my surroundings.  This way I can make sure no other cats will get to me....pretty clever don't you think.


I once was loved and I know I can be loved again so if you are interested in me then get in touch with .....Marla

Location: Las Vegas





..................THE FOLLOWING CATS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED...............



Updated 5/27/18                              

STATUS: Adopted

My official name is Makani but I kind of like Mak, it rhymes with knack, like I have a knack of being affectionate.

I am at my prime age of 12yrs and I find myself needing a new home. Life was good, I was living with my human mom on a boat, traveling and just having a good time.......then she got sick.....real sick. Before I was born, she was everyone's hero because she helped lots of people when she responded to the tragedy at the World Trade Center. Everyone thinks this is why she got sick.....and then she left me. Thank goodness my human grandma took me in because I don't know what would have happened.

Then I got sick, something called diabetes which meant I had this thing poking me every day. But then I got better and didn't need to be poked.

Then she got sick and couldn't take care of me any longer. Now I am with these nice people who are taking care of me, but I am being poked with that thing every day again because.........well it was just so stressful for me. My foster mom is really nice and helping me the best she can.

If there is someone out there that knows about diabetes and wants to take me in, I am open to that. There's lots of life left in me and my human mom always wanted to live life to the fullest and I agree with that.


I'm waiting so contact Marla

Location: Laguna Beach










POSTED 1/25/18                               

STATUS: Adopted


Hello, I am the mighty female warrior, Zuri!  I am young and full of energy and if I don't get my energy drained................well, the humans will not be happy.

I am always on the move, ok, sometimes I do nap.  Oh yes, I do love to eat and once I get to know you I will groom your hair and give kisses.


My human needs to have lots of aby experience with different aby personalities.  Yes, I am a force to be reckoned with.   I do not care if I share a home with a calm dog, but other felines are not my cup of tea. 


If you think you can handle me, then get in touch with Marla.


Location: Los Angeles









POSTED 3/30/18                               

STATUS: Adopted


I am a 6 yr old red hunk of burning love. Well.....I am not usually so dramatic, but you get the picture. All I want from life is your devotion and attention.  I do not like when I am ignored.

I like to play, but I like to play with you.  Just leaving the little toy mice on the floor for me to bat at will not do at all.  We just have to get into it together.


My new home needs to be quiet and stable, no loud noises, nobody coming and going, I need stability.  I can handle rooming with a non alpha feline but no dogs please and no young children.


All good so far, right?  Well just so you know I can't eat chicken - of any kind.  It makes me break out in huge sores all over my neck, shoulders and who knows where else.  I eat rabbit and pork and must stick to my diet.  So if your other cat can't eat what I eat, well..... need I say more.


What do you think?  Yes, then contact Marla.


Location: Los Angeles










POSTED 3/21/17                               

STATUS: Adopted


I am Stripes, I am, a 6 yr young boy looking for love in all the right places.  I know you will want to scoop me up and take me home because ........well because I am so cute and fun and easy going and get along with other cats.  I am special and unusual in that there is a small amount of burmese heritage in me, but the rest is all aby. 

I used to tear the fur from my stomach area because it just felt so itchy, you humans call it allergies..  Now I am feeling better because my temporary mom and dad know what to feed me and give me special treats for it.  I think humans call it medication. 


Look into my special eyes and say I have to have him and then contact.....Marla

Location: Las Vegas




POSTED 11/11/17                               

STATUS: Adopted


Hi there folks!  Yes,  your eyes do not deceive you.  You are looking at the most handsome fawn aby EVER!

I am only 9 yrs young and looking for a new home.  Say what?  Am I friendly?  You bet, and playful and sweet. 


I know you humans like to use that box thing in my face for whatever reason and sometimes there is a light that flashes.  Sometimes it gets a little boring, but I will put up with it.   


Hey, just so you know, sometimes I get so happy that I might drool a little bit, but what the hey......what's a little drool amongst friends.


I haven't lived with little humans you call children so I can't tell you how I would react.  Because of something called tritych in my past I do need to be the only pet.   I would be all you need though because ... well just because!


Alright already, I know you are convinced that you want me so hurry up and contact.....Marla

Location: Los Angeles









Check here frequently for other cats