We don't pick and choose which abys or somalis come into our care and sometimes we take in those that need more TLC than others.   SPECIAL NEEDS can indicate cats that are seniors or have medical challenges.  This page highlights those that are available for adoption and those that are in permanent careThey require more vet visits than others and we are very appreciate for your donations that help pay those fees.

Updated November 19, 2018



Sampson came to us in September 2018 when his owner had to move.  At 14 yrs, it took a bit for him to adjust, but he is now ruling the roost in his foster home.  He was covered in fleas, anemic, Stage 1-2 kidney disease and probable lymphoma. He has recovered from all but the KD and lymphoma.  Unless someone local in Los Angeles falls madly in love with him and wants to give him his own home for his remaining months or ????, he will remain in his foster home.









STATUS: Adoption pending - SPECIAL NEEDS

Hello there, Fiona here.  I am the most beautiful abyssinian here - yes you are correct, I have a beautiful fawn coloring. 


I am ony five years young and love to flit around the place.  I will let you hold me, kiss me, give me praise - and in return I will purr and smile.  I do not have my front claws but we won't go into that.


I don't think much about other cats - only that they are meaningless to me.  If they get in my face I may chase them off, which I think is kind of fun!  I have been around a small, gentle dog and sometimes I may go up to him, but really, what do I need to do with a dog?


I LOVE to eat!  Unfortunately my diet is limited to beef or lamb and so far I don't think much of lamb.  My foster mom keeps saying that it took awhile to find a meal that would suit my allergies and she has only found three kinds. You see, I am also allergic to wheat, rice, egg, sweet potato, and lots of other things that go into most meals.  Lucky for me everyone has been very caring about my well being.   Oh yes, I am also allergic to other things in the environment, including feather mixes.


What happens if  I come across the wrong thing - well, I lose my fur and my ears turn bright red and I get lots of spots on me.   Itchy, Itchy, Itchy.


So, here I am waiting for you - since I am so special I think you would have to be special too!


Be that special one and get in touch with Marla

Location: Los Angeles







POSTED 9/10/17


OK, I admit it....I am a ham, I love to have my picture taken. Why not? I am beautiful and sweet! At about 4 yrs old, I just want to roll around and get affection. I am looking for someone to appreciate me for who I am. I have never been around dogs so I can't say if I will want to room with one or not. When it comes to other feline roomies, they would have to be quiet and give me my space.....it is very important that they do not get into MY food bowl and never when I am eating.

Oh yes, I do have diabetes, but so far I am not getting those shots, I am stable on food. If you are familiar with this thing I have that would be a plus for both of us!

So what do you say? Am I yours? If so, then contact Marla
Location: Laguna Beach





We got Piccalo when he was 12 yrs old, his owner had passed and he was brough to a shelter.  It took him 6 months to allow his foster mom to pet him as he was grieving and angry at the same time.  This was challenging as Piccalo was allergic to food and other environmental triggers and needed medication.

Here we are 2018 and he is not 14 yrs old.  Now he is allergic to turkey so he can only have beef or lamb...not always easy to find.


This old man does not like change so he will not live out his life in foster. 


We love you Piccalo!






Ruby Red came into rescue when she was dumped at a shelter because she wasn't healthy.  She had hypothryoid condition and was ill.  Her foster mom nursed her back to shape.


She later developed food allergies and as a result is on a strict diet.  She loves to cuddle and is a very sweet girl.


Now that she is ten, her hypothyroid condition has come back and she has kidney disease.

We love Rudy Red and she will be loved in her foster home for her remaining fun days.

Your donations allow us to let these older abys that are unadoptable remain with us until they are ready to leave us.






Ian came to us in March 2014 with his sister when their owner had to move.

They were ten years old and front declaw.....we were wondering how would we find a  home for them.

Well they found a wonderful home, but the rug was pulled out from under Ian in May 2015 when he became ill.  He was diagnosed with diabetes and his new human could not take care of him.

Lucky for Ian that his former foster parents loved him and said they would do everything possible to get him back on track.  Even luckier for S.C.A.R. that they agreed to permanently foster him.

It is not easy caring for a diabetic cat.  They  need to be on a special diet and go to the vet regularly for glucose curves.  Their insulin shots have to be given on a strict schedule so staying out late at a restaurant and dining is out of the question.

Ian purrs while being given his insulin shots and is a good patient.

At 11 years now, we hope he has many more with us.

If you are wondering how the siblings are doing being split up, well Ian has more cats to play with now and his sister is happy being the only one.






Beautiful Dinara came to us in 2014 when she was having a difficult time adjusting to the new home.

She was adopted out, but returned. When she went back to her foster family, she had other medical challenges that came up.

She is now eight years old and holding her own.










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