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December 2015

Hi Marla,
Mao has adapted extremely well, much faster than we expected. She's very curious, and also very affectionate.  Zdenek commented last night that he can't believe anybody would give her up, I guess that says it all!
Thank you for all you do on behalf of these adorable creatures! Merry Christmas to you!
Warm regards,





July 2015

From Butters family:

Little Miss Butters has settled in quite well with us! She is so sweet and gentle, she reminds me a lot of my first Aby, Baby; very ladylike in all her mannerisms. She and Alex are getting along better now, there's still the occasional grumble or half-hearted hiss, but other than that, they're good. Usually Alex is being a pest and deserves it! They know there's enough space, attention and food for both of them. She also charmed the vet's office yesterday at her first visit, and she's decided that my pillow makes the best place to sleep at night! 

She is a joy to have in the family! Again, thank you so much for bringing us together.



June 2015

From Lando's new family:

He seems to be happy!

S.C.A.R.'s comments:

Lando was abandoned in a hotel and ended up in a shelter.  We were called in and scooped him up. 




SAFIYA (formerly Frannie)

April 2015

From Safiya's new mom:

OMG, she is so funny! In the mornings after my shower, she hops in the tub and it sounds like a bag of bones being tossed around. She's in the wet tub chasing her tail like a kitten! If she'll slow down, I'll get some more pictures of her this weekend, but she's so BUSY all the time...

It's like she moved in, announced "MY house, MY stuff, MY rules, end of discussion!"

S.C.A.R.'s comments:

Frannie kept attacking the other aby in the house where she was living.  There was a possibility of her being rehomed, but it was mentioned that if she didn't play well with others, she may  have to be euthanized.  We stepped in and placed her in foster care where she was given patience and love for almost a year.  Seeing how happy she is now and how quickly she accepted her new human brings us to tears....this is what keeps us going......these wonderful success stories.  A wonderful thank you to her foster mom because if it weren't for her, Safiya and her new mom would not be having the time of their lives now!



April 2015

Ryan seems pretty content.

Thank you R. P. and family !






January 2015

Jake settled in immediately with his new mom and dad.

Thank you D & G





September 2014

Just when we think we can't pull any more cat homes out of the hat, a miracle happens.  Jasmine's owner was no longer able to take care of themself, let alone her, so she came to S.C.A.R.

At 18  years old ( a miracle in itself), we knew we wouldn't get her adopted out. 

Foster mom and dad to the rescue who will permanently foster her for her remaining time.......and that could be another 4-5 years as she is only in the very beginning of kidney disease.

She is quite the cuddler and obviously likes to keep up with the news!


Update April 2015:  Jasmine is still curling  up with her foster mom and having fun!




Thansgiving 2014

Hi everyone, my name is Emma and I will be 17 on Feb 2. My parents adopted me when I was just a few weeks old. For many yrs I was the Queen of the house until children came into the picture, and a few more yrs two other cats showed up and I was no longer getting all the attention. I started to act out and then I started to have health issues (Kidney disease), I was locked up in the back of the house by myself, and only had short visits now and then.
They told me that I was going to be placed in a shelter if no one adopted me by July 1, 2014. Well, one day this stranger came to the house, he seemed to like me a lot, and the next thing I knew, I was being carried outside, put in his car and headed out of town. We finally got to my new home and after a couple of rough months of getting to know each other plus lots of vet appointments we finally bonded and I decided to adopt him as my new dad. The only issue I have is every morning he sticks a needle between in my shoulder blades and this cold liquid just drives me crazy, I know its good for my kidneys and he does love me sooooo much to do this. My dad takes me on walks, we go to petsmart, Lowes, and Walmart. I just had my first real Thanksgiving with him and his family and it was great, lots of left over turkey for me to eat. I can't wait for Christmas to see what I get, maybe a picture with Santa. I am the luckiest cat in the world, have a new lease on life.
I love you Dad.


And we love you Larry for adopting her! A great inspiration that there is aby life after 8 yrs old!


Please Larry can I have a second helping of Thanksgiving Turkey????


MOOKY, formerly Pepper

June 2014

Hi All. It's me. Pepper. I'm going by "Mooky" these days but I answer to most anything because it usually involves food or a new game or some well deserved attention. Life is good. I have a whole house and two people all to myself. So far, I am managing to keep them both happy with my fun antics and some lap time. I'm such a charmer, they can't help but love me. We have made the move to Oregon with all my furniture and toys. It was a two day car ride with a night in a hotel (where I settled contentedly in my own queen bed). They said I was an excellent traveler! Now I have a whole new house with some great bird watching windows and new nooks and crannies to explore. I'm a happy camper. Thank you all so much for taking such good care of me. Lynn and Michael (my people) say that I am definitely worth it!




March 2014

Ryan settled in immediately with his new family, no separation for him.

We are in love!





February 2014

Lilly is such a joy. The most athletic cat I've had. She just took to the high chair by the window that gets the morning sun. Eating, drinking, eliminating, playing and watching me like a hawk. All systems go. Climbs on my chest in the early morning and purrs very, very quietly as if not to wake me. And such a polite cat, too! Destined to pair up, we were. Thank you!

Dana Claire



January 2014

Here is Raj, sleeping in the sun in the back window!   Actually relaxing!  – Mary

Here is Simba, in his new favorite place on the back of my couch. He loves to sleep there so he’s close to my head as I watch TV or read.  -- Mary


December 2013

Kira couldn't be happier in her new  home and obviously loves the camera.

Thank you!





December 2013

Chili (Leo) and his new buddy Bauer the golden doodle!!!  It took a full week but they are now comfortable with each other.




November 2013

Sammy is truly  a success story, he is happy in his new home and S.C.A.R. gained a foster home also.

Thanks S.P.






Adopted June 2012

12/2013:  here's some photos of Griff for your success stories page. He's a big lover!





September 2013

Hermie is doing well and his eye looks great!  Ron (right) and Hermie are a handful.  Glad that Matt is around to help me out!  LOL   I think it's safe to say that they love their new house and parents.  WE LOVE OUR BOYS!!!  :-))

M and S




May 2013

Luke came to us from another rescue group with feline leukemia. 

It did not  stop his new family and they are all settled in.




December 2012

Happy Holidays!  Thus far my holidays have really been enriched with Piewachet here.  She is such a joy and has such personality.  She is sassy and loves to run through the condo chasing after who knows what.  Her favorite time to play is in the middle of the night.  She often tries to include me in her chase or she will just use my sleeping body as a leaping board as she jumps on and off the bed.  She often sleeps in the bed with me or on the couch close by so she can keep an eye on me.  She is a great snuggler and continues to drool all her lovin on me.  The more content she seems to be, the more and louder she purrs.  Pie likes to sit on my lap while I watch tv and lets me hug her like a little stuffed animal through an entire show.  She really loves to help me with my homework and to sit on a tiny chair with me while I work on my computer.  It doesn't matter to her that I need two hands to type, that she is Not a great typist, that my professors probably will not believe me if I tell them that my cat soaked my paper with all her drool that's why the letters are unlegible, that my leg often falls asleep because she is taking up half of my chair, or that she will occasionally fall off the chair because it really isn't big enough for us to fit on it comfortably.  Pie seems to have a second sense when it is time for me to go to bed or she thinks I need to wake up.  She loves to sit about six inches in front of my face and block the tv when I'm laying down for the night.  She also likes to sit that close and purr me awake in the morning.  She will even tap me with her paws in the morning or climb on my back and tap my hair.  Occasionally, she will even pull my blanket down with her little paws and climb under. All I can do is laugh.  She is sooo smart and I never know what she is going to do next.
Thank you again and here are some more pictures of her.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday season
Warm regards


Piewachet was adopted at 14 - if anyone hesitates about adopting an older cat Pie and her new owner can attest to it being a wonderful experience!


KIKO, formerly Zod

December 2012

Good morning!
Just to keep you in the loop about our cute little Aby:  
Kiko is getting more energetic, if you can imagine it.  She & Celeste are getting along really well. She gets everywhere!  She knows she is not allowed on the kitchen counters now, but she gets on them anyway, and then when you give her the evil eye, she gets off & gives you the "I'm innocent" look.  She is also a toy mouse killer.  What a sweetie!  We love her to bits.



Kiko (on right) with her new best friend



November 2012

Sparkle is taking it a bit easy today...we snuggled this morning—she did not hiss or growl at Theo—so I am very encouraged.



Yes, there is love after ten, Sparkle is an example!


Sparkle near a water source



October 2012

The attached picture is Millie and us watching the news a little over 48 hours after she came home with us. She still purrs so easily and likes to hang out with us as we watch the news and read.

C.A. and A


Millie in her basket


PUMPKIN (formerly Abby or Abner)

October 2012

Meow from Pumpkin who arrived safely Sunday evening She is adjusting very well to our family. She especially likes the kids. Still warming up to our other cat. I'm impressed with how mellow she is considering all the recent changes in her life. We love her Thank you



Note: Pumpkin is another intake from a Southern California  shelter, if not for S.C.A.R., she would have been put down.


Pumpkin (awwww!)



October 2012

Simone is amazing! She was totally fearless after the drive! She climbing all over our cat tree in the room, and scaling shelves in the closet as I speak. Not to mention she absolutely loves my girlfriend. I'll take photos and send them soon. She's isolated from the other cat, but I'll shoot you updates on that, once there is some news. Thanks so much again!



Simone helping to make dinner


IZZY BO AND ARDRA (formerly Ally)

August 2012

Hi all,

Just an update from Izzy, Ardra (Ally) and Paige!

Over the past couple weeks Izzy Bo has made some wonderful
improvements. She now spends about half of her time on the floor,
doesn't run from Ardra, and is calm while I walk around. She will come
to my hand and sniff and be pet occasionally. Most exciting is when I
am on the couch she will sit on the couch arm, rub up against me, and
purr loudly and I scratch and pet her. Of course, if I sneeze for
anything it startles her and she runs back to the counter :)

Ardra isn't completely thrilled that Izzy has grown a backbone, but
she rarely goes after Izzy and is tolerating her better every day.
Attached are several pics of Izzy and a few of the two together.

Best wishes, Paige

Note: Izzy Bo (alone in the photo) is truly a success story, because she could not be touched in the beginning and was unsocial.


KAHLEESI (formerly Latte)

July 2012

Khaleesi , who was originally purchased as "home decor" was rescued by our family when Marla at S.C.A.R. asked me to follow up on an aby in need.  She came to us a terrified, unsocialized, skeletal, pathetic little slip of a cat. She was all knobby bones and enormous eyes, hid in her kitty den every minute and had no idea how to play.

After much patient and gentle encouragement, she has become a cat at last. She roams the whole house proudly, loves sunning her newly sleek body, watches the birds avidly from her perch on my printer as I work, and even shared the dog's bed by the fire this past winter. She went from being terrified of being handled to seeking me out wherever I am at all hours fiercely demanding to be loved. She head-butts like a pro football player and will rub, knead and purr for hours. She is enthusiastically playful--everything from the laser pointer to a piece of yarn to a crumpled bit of paper are endlessly fascinating.  She has become a wonderful companion and we are so grateful she came into our lives :)


Note: Kahleesi lives with Lil'Bit (formerly Abby - see August 11, 2011 story)


Khaleesi at her window



June 2012

Atticus is adjusting quite well! He has explored the house when Khan and Fluffinstien are out and has done laundry with me in the garage He loves that! He really enjoyed himself last night. I watched the Clipper Game with My sons and a couple of their Friends. 'The Others" were asleep outside on their cushions. So I let Atticus out of the room to see if he wanted to join us OH he LOVED it! He went from boy to boy for pets and purred and purred and he watched the game with us! Yes he slept well last did I!!! He prefers to eat when I am watching him so that is what we do....he is taking his supplements. I already put a tag on his collar "indoor cat"" on one side , my address and # on the other....did not want to take a chance!
The cats have viewed each other through the glass seemed overly impressed or interested... No one is acting out....but of course I am waiting on the Physical intro and that will be one cat at a time later this week. We are very, very happy with our new boy and he is already much loved! He was so Fortunate for SCAR and all the love and care given to him by everyone ESPECIALLY Sarah! thank you so much for allowing me to mother Atticus,




Atticus enjoys the morning sun in His Garden!



May 2012

Hello dear Marla,
I thought it was time to give a little update on how things are going with our family.  Elsa and Schroeder are two of the best things that have ever happened to us in our lives.  They have become our little companions, and are close by at all times, either in our lap, on the chair beside us, or in our bed.  We are so happy with them, and the transition has been a great experience.  Let me explain the name Schroeder, which he seems to love.  When we were in the midst of trying to come up with a name for Mr. Blue, I went to the piano and began playing.  It was such a wonderful site.  All of a sudden Elsa came and jumped up on the piano, and Schroeder jumped up on his hind legs with his front paws on the keys as I played.  We of course thought of Schroeder, the little guy from peanuts who plays the piano, and hence, that is is name.  
They have become very accustomed to their home and surroundings, and are very comfortable.  Elsa has her favorite spots, as does he.  They are eating wonderfully.  We continue with the raw diet of organic chicken, and they love it.  Of course there are little snacks in between sometimes.  Nail trimming is getting to be great.  It has helped playing with their paws.  Play time is wild, and they are both energetic and playful.  Schroeder is the proud owner of a bright and flashy twirler, one of his favorites.  Elsa still loves the pen light, but a little ping pong ball with beads in it are one of her favorites as well.
They still don't spend much time together, and get into a scuff about every day where Elsa growls and hisses and yawls at the top of her lungs, to let Schroeder know she is the queen of the house.  He will usually back down to her.  Thank god there has been no blood shed as of yet.
So with that, we are totally in love and our lives have changed for the better with our little ones.  
I hope that things are wonderful in your world, and that you continue to be blessed in doing the good deeds you do for SCAR.  






March 2012

We finally have a happy cat!!!! She responds consistently to Layla, so we have dropped the name Lily.
If she is in another area of the motorhome and I call Layla she will come running most of the time.
If we have been out for the day she is happy to see us when we return and starts playing with her toys.
Layla looks forward to bedtime and anytime I go near the bedroom in the evening she will hurry to join me.
She likes to snuggle while I am reading a book in bed and most of the night she will sleep by my side.
I usually get up between 6:00 and 6:30 and if I am a little late Layla will come up to my face and headbutt me and lick
my face. She will let me give her a kiss on the head and will continue to headbutt me.
When I get up she will run ahead of me to the livingroom and wait for me to open the blind at the window where
the hummingbird feeder is attached. She definitely has a daily routine and seems to be happy. She loves to play
with us or just by herself.

It seems she must have been waiting for our home after all.
I guess the best part of this story is that these cats that are difficult have a chance with a great organization
like yours until they find the right fit.
Keep up the great work!!!

S.C.A.R.:  Rajah Layla, or Layla as she is now know, was a very angry cat when we took her in.  It took months in her foster home to get her settled in and then more time in her new home.  We thank her new family for being so patient and understanding with this lovely girl.






March 2012

Hey Marla. Romeo is doing great. He acts like the king of the house...






March 2012

Hi everyone,

This is a most current picture of Aby.  She loves to lay in the sun in my kitchen window.

Best wishes,


July 2014 UPDATE:

PS  Aby is doing wonderfully and is still spoiled rotten, as they say.
She's resting in her condo.





January 2012

Katy is a love sponge and super affectionate. She is now making friends with our two other cats.
She is a wonderful kitty and I cannot thank you  enough for her.







December 2011

Hi everyone,

Here is Carly on her "cat" bed. As I mentioned she likes sleeping and lounging on our bed. She also likes playing "monster under the bed" where she dashes under the bed and ambushes my feet and ankles. As you might imagine I have to be diligent and keep her claws trimmed. She's good at surprising me!

Thank you all! I greatly admire and appreciate the efforts of SCAR for making it possible for me to adopt this darling girl.

Wishing you the best,
Lilia and Carly







December 2011

Charlie was released to S.C.A.R.'s care when he was having serious behavioral issues with his former family.  His foster home provided a loving environment and in much time he lost his anger and became the  loving cat he once was.

Much to Charlie's delight the foster family adopted him.

S.C.A.R. knows that abys are very sensitive and intelligent.  They know everything that goes on in their family, good and bad, and they will react to it. 

We believe all abys deserve a second chance and are thankful to our foster families for understanding them and having the patience to turn them around so they can be adopted into their furrever homes.







October 2011

Tami's worked her way into our hearts. Here are some common places she likes to be:

1. in the window sill in the afternoon sun
2. on one of our shoulders
3. in my lap at the table
4. in Grandpa's lap at night (t.v. time)
5. She even snuck into bed one night!!

She is strong willed. She seems to want to be with people all the time. When she is shut away from us, she is very sad!! She cries piteously for food when I'm preparing, and gets under foot, but she's settling down when I ignore her.

We are enjoying her very much!

From Tami's new family..






PANDORA (formerly Dakota)

August 2011

Marla, hope you're doing well. Pandora wanted to say hi and thought you would enjoy some new photos of her that I recently took.  Her fur has started to really grow back and she looks normal again.


Pandora's mom





LIL'BIT (formerly Abby)

August 2011

Lil'Bit was picked up as a stray from a shelter in Ontario. We offered to courtesy post her on our website, as we often do with other groups.  Marisa came along and you can see.......

Here are a few pix for you...what a gorgeous critter...and the personality!






Indy and Valentino

April 2011

These two boys are very lucky blue senior abycitizens.  Indy was adopted through S.C.A.R. when his owner passed away at home.  No one knows how long Indy was without food or water until someone came in to get him. When his new owner started traveling, Indy started protesting with bad habits.  When the owner could not deal with it any longer, he was put into a wonder foster home through S.C.A.R.  It was discovered that Indy had a terrible bladder infection and it was touch and go for over a week.  In 2010, after recovering, he was placed in a single adult home and living the life of riley.    The new owner expressed concern that Indy was lonely and he wanted a companion for Indy.  Knowing Indy's background we knew it had to be someone special.

Along comes Valentino (not to be confused with the Valentino below).  He had been rescued as a one year old from one of  SCAR's members, but he proved to be unadoptable as he was unsocialized, would not let anyone get near him, and he had chronic sinus problems.  Eight years later, this person was unable to keep him so he went into foster for evaluation. Valentino did not care about human touch, but he did like other cats.  Valentino was the special one that Indy was waiting for.


Indy (left) and Valentino (right)





March 2011

Dear "SCAR"

Just an update on one of your success stories. We adopted Tia in April 2010 (she goes by just "T" now since there was some confusion with other cats) She has adjusted well although she is really an early riser!! I have enclosed a picture of her and her big "sister" lounging around.

Andrea Ray




July 2010

Peggy is a miracle cat who really reached out to live.  On July 3, 2010, a human angel saw her in the middle of the road, on her last breath. She took her home, found us on the website and, together with her husband, nursed Peggy back to health from a severe flea infestation.  It did not matter that it was the 4th of July weekend, all the planets were aligned to get this little one well.  Her friends fell in love with Peggy and did not care that she was declawed or a senior kitty.  Nor did they care after adopting her that she was deaf. 

Peggy is now a Princess By The Sea.

Peggy before




The Princess By The Sea

July 2010

Hi Lyn

Kiki and I decided that since she started a whole new life here, she needed a whole new name. "Kiki" with those harsh K sounds was just too grim a name for her, since she's such a sweet, lively girl. (Plus, Kiki sounded too much like Dini, my nickname for Houdini, my little ruddy boy. He's the one who worships his new sister.) I now call her Fiona (after the tough, gun-running, but nice, loving, and loyal character in my favorite TV show "Burn Notice"). Fiona lives up to her new name: she's tough and no-nonsense, but very loving and spirited. This is HER house now. There's no question. She took over from Hobo, my 11-year-old ruddy boy, and he's perfectly happy to have her bossing him around. Houdini, the 2-year-old ruddy boy, still adores her. Fiona and Dini chase each other all over the house, and they play in my fabric grocery bags -- or what USED to be my bags. Now the green and red bags belong to Fiona and Dini (one of the pictures I've attached shows her in a bag, watching, waiting for Houdini to walk by so she can jump out at him).

She often leaps onto my chest when I'm trying to work at my computer, and I have to stop and give her attention while she rolls all over me, slobbering and purring.

Bo, Dini, and I are all very glad Fiona came to live with us. She is, too. Like you, I sometimes wonder if her former owner misses her, but I can't feel sorry for that woman, because I'm so happy to have this sweet kitty with me now.


Linda and Fiona (formerly Kiki)





Fiona (formerly known as Kiki)





In February 2010, we were notified by Glendora Police Department that they had picked up a ruddy aby male on the streets.  He had been injured and was being treated for shock. He was only about 5 years old, very sweet and needed a good home.  We matched him up with a couple that had been waiting for an aby and the rest is history.






December 2009

Baby was brought into a local shelter by her owner.  The staff thought she was 17 years old and thought we were crazy for taking her in.  Our wonderful foster person evaluated her at 14 years old and nurtered her back to life.

Baby was brought into a new family after they lost their beloved companion.  Now Baby gets to cuddle all she wants.  What a success story!




Baby in her bed


Update February 2011
Hi Lyn and Sandy,

Hard to believe it's been almost a year (11/13/09) since we brought Tara home.  Just wanted to let you both know that she is doing great!  
She's not as acrobatic as some Abys but, she is very playful and curious.  Her weight went down, up, down and now, since the end of summer seems to have leveled off.   She still loves being around  us--whatever room we're in, she's there and, she is not shy when new people come around.  

Tara has traveled from LA to Palm Springs four times in the last year where she loves to be poolside.   Car travel is with her leash and sitting on my lap in her bed.  She tolerates the carrier from the front door to the garage only.  

All in all she's a wonderful addition to our family and we will keep in touch.  Thanks again for all that you do.  Sincerely, Ann Marie, Jim and Tara

November 2009

Tara was found wandering near a middle school in Arizona.  This "Mountain Lion" came to attention of S.C.A.R. and is now in her furrever home. 



Am I not beautiful.......Tara


Boy 2009

Boy is the only one of his litter to survive at the animal shelter.  He is turning out to be a very friendly, loving companion.  We will keep you posted with his progress with his new owner who absolutely adores him.

Update from Boy's owner May 2010:

As you can see Boy is getting big.  He weighs 20 pounds.  He is good company and likes people. He sits on the front porch in the afternoon and greets all that walk by.  I don't know how he got so big I don't think I over feed him.  He should be a year old this month as he was four months old when he was in the shelter back in September.

Boy (on right) with littermate in the shelter Boy in new home 10/2009 Bonding time11/2009 Have I grown?  11/2009
Should I, or shouldn't I? 12/2009



August 2009

We adopted Quinn early this year from Carolyn at Guardian Angels Pet Rescue after seeing him listed on your site as 1/2 Aby, 1/2 rascal.  He was very shy and fearful at first but has turned into a real joy to have around.  He loves his 3 other cat friends and 4 dog friends and rubs up against all of them with reckless abandon.  He is a character and a thief, my husband had to apply for new driver's license, cancel his credit cards and contact all sorts of people about the loss of his wallet, until three days later we found it in Quinney's "stash" of stolen items.

He is so cute we can't be upset with him for long, he is true to his charming Irish name and gets away with all his antics around here.  We took him because he was a mutt aby and nobody seemed to want him because he wasn't pure.... but he's got all the traits, he's loving, waves his front paws around, bites softly, loves high places, and scampers around teasing dogs and cats equally.

We are so grateful to have him, and are sure he is too!
Annette and Sam H.



March 29, 2009

Hi Lyn. I thought I would give you an update. Cloe has decided that we are all safe. She is out almost all of the time. If there are new people she scoots but when the grandkids came today, she stayed on the bed and let our granddaughter cuddle her and even took a nap with her. It was way too cute. She is the boss of Bentley. She is adorable and sweet!
So there you have it. Our happy kitty home!


Cloe and new friend

Hi Lyn!
It's Barbara & Bill who adopted Lolita on Aug 25, 2008 from Sylvie Garcia's home in San Francisco after you let us know she was available for adoption.
Lolita is wonderful!  She's truly a Blessing.  She loves her new home in Salt Lake City, traveling with us in our RV, going on daily walks in her baby stroller, eating fresh boiled chicken breast every day in addition to her Wellness kibbles.  She has become the center of our lives!
Lolita sleeps on our bed every night, eats all her meals at the same time we eat ours, plays interactively with us for hours on end, helps me type on the computer keyboard (I still don't understand Abyssinian!), runs up and down stairs like a whirlwind, pays tag first chasing us then we chase her until we drop (she, of course, never does!).  In her 3,000 sq ft home every cabinet, closet, countertop, piece of furniture, bookshelf has become one of her perches when she can look down on her world below. She loves to be in her high perchers to keep an eye on everything.
She also loves her hugh second-story balcony and sunbathes out doors watching birds, bees, bugs and a wayward spider from her protected environment.  We live high on the east bench of the Wasatch mountains and have a 180 degree view of the Salt Lake City valley.  The back of our house is a 40-acre natural park filled with wildlife so she never tires watching baby Qail, squirrles, Rocky Mountain Blue Jays building their spring nests.  People on the tennis courts below and walking their dogs along the path through the park are both of particular fascination to her.
She is fearless and wants to be included in everything I do including sewing, flower arranging, helping to make the bed, actually watches TV, supervises cooking all our meals and helps washing the dishes.  She also loves taking a steam bath while my husband and I take our morning showers.  She is truly our daughter.  We fell in love with her at first sight.
Sylvie (her previous owner) was insistant that Lolita would thrive with another cat.  She spent 5-1/2 years with Rigoletto, her older brother until he died.  We took her to spend Christmas at my mother's home in Brookings, Oregon.  I had purchased a 2 month old male Blue Aby for Mom November 2007 she named Aura.  He grew into a large cat and had never seen another cat before.  At first sight he loved Lolita and gave her all his attention -- and I mean ALL his attention.  She became annoyed with his attentions and let him know it.  Since we were still adapting as a family and that was her first RV trip, we decided to let her stay in the RV while we visited my mother and Aura.  Lolita was heart broken and so were we.   We cut our visit short.
Today we are located at a bird sanctuary and Lolita spends hours watching, talking to and "stalking" them rom her sunny perch at the large sunny back window.   Little Meo looks exactly like Lolita's twin.  Even small like her.  Since she is only 2 years old Lolita should be comfortable with her.

Simon is a fairly large neutered 8 year old Aby.  He was put up for adoption in July, 2007 when his brother decided he didn't like him any more and regularly attacked him. Fortunately we found him a good home.

This is from his new owner: April,2008
Hi Lyn –
Simon is doing very well.  I think I mentioned to you before that I have a balcony and he just LOVES to lay out there soaking up the sun.  He’s a strange kid.  (And I say that in a kind, funny way!)  The first couple of weeks he spent under my bed, which was understandable.  Well, the whole apartment is now his playground.  But he really likes to go into my bedroom and just look under the bed.  He doesn’t go under, just looks.  For what, I have no idea.  You’d think after 2 weeks of living under there he’d know every carpet fiber by memory!

Thanks for checking on him.

        His adoption picture                      Soaking up the sun in his new home    

                             a little grooming


UPDATE on Missy:  Adopted May 31, 2008 and is happily living in San Diego County.  Here’s what her new adoptive parents say about Missy:

“S.C.A.R. has been wonderful with every step of the adoption process!  They have the extensive medical knowledge to properly assess the rescued Aby and treat the cat if need be, so that a healthy cat is available for adoption.  

I must admit I was a little hesitant about getting a rescue cat, because they tend to be older and I didn't know what to expect.  But it's an advantage because they already know most of the rules for being a good companion, with a little fine tuning and training.  Also, they are clearly appreciative to be settled into a new home "once and for all"!  We are sooo happy with Missy.  She was described to me as a little tempermental (hissing until she gets to know you) but after 5 days, a little alone time for her at first, she's settled right in and she is a very affectionate and happy little Aby!  Since you really don't know their "history", it's good to watch your new companion and take it slowly.  Give the kitty some "space".  Now, 2 weeks later, she purrs like crazy, follows us around the house wondering what we're up to, loves playing (which she didn’t know about before), and we just love her.  Thank you S.C.A.R. for all you do to take in these cats, temporarily foster them, and find permanent homes for them.  Folks, if you’re thinking of adopting a furry companion, don’t hesitate about getting a "rescue cat", because any of these S.C.A.R. cats will be wonderful pets.  They have been well-cared for and now they need YOU!  Each one wants to be settled into a loving home soon!  

Thank you to all the volunteers at S.C.A.R!"

With Gratitude,

Delene St. Clair


Minx is an 8 year old male (neutered) Abby who was saved from an LA animal shelter.  He was placed in the shelter when his elderly owner could not take care of him anymore.  He was adopted out but unfortunately the new owner had to leave on an extented trip and couldn't take the cat. This was just before the 2006 Holidays and he needed a new home urgently.  Fortunately we found him a good home.

This is from his new owner:
Hi Lyn,

II have to say what a delight Minx is.  He is very loving, and has come
out of his shell big time.  He is very gentle, loving and playful.
He loves to play fetch with the aluminum balls!   Everyone who has met him thinks he is quite special.  (of course).  Haley is adjusting to him, she doesn't bitch as much to him.   He is now sleeping on my bed and he and Haley are laying close together (not touching just yet).

Thank you again,



This from Ruby's new owners:

Ruby is doing very well adjusting to her new home!  Everyone is enjoying her so much and I can assure you that she will be loved thoroughly here.  She has had a few encounters with our other cat (Willow) and seems to be fine with her.  She has really opened up in this small time we've had her and is revealing a very loving and playful Aby.  Her leg (which was hurting when we got her) is doing much better.  It's hasn't hurt her for a while now.  Thank you Lyn for Ruby, she is the sprinkles on our ice cream, the purrrrfect match for us!
-The Russells

3 Gentlemen AKA The Boys

These three gentlemen were posted for adoption on May 19, 2006 because their owner was very sick, and although it wasn't mandatory, we were hoping they would be placed together. They are 7 year old ruddy male (neutered) Abys.
Mr. Lincoln is very curious, and will reach up and touch your arm if you don't pay attention. Mr. Sherman is a bit darker and a bit heavier than Lincoln.  He has a very loud purr, and will snuggle at night.  Probably the most affectionate of the three.
Mr. Grant is the smallest of the three, and is missing one toe.  Never bites or scratches. He is a very affectionate boy.

Amazingly!, in just three days, they were adopted together and went to their new home.
This report from their new owners:

Leslie and Lyn:
Our family will be forever changed for the addition of the BOYS to our family.  We are enjoying them so much.  Lincoln was the first to come around, then Grant and now Sherman. I cannot get enough of Grant's voice and how he will pretend to nip you when he wants more attention. 
Lincoln loves to be with us at the dinner table and takes a seat for himself and tries to participate!  If you don't pay attention to him he comes down and goes to your chair and pats you on the arm to make sure you have not forgotten them.
 And Sherman he is just coming around and is a love to play with.
They are very loving and like to be around both my husband and I as well as our two young children.  The only disgruntled family member is our 14.5 year old Calico, Smudge.  But the BOYS have been very loving towards her.
Thank you again for filling our hearts and home.
 Rachel Swartz


Simba and Tiger, a red Aby and a Maine Coon mix.

Simba's and Tiger's owner was unable to keep them due to loss of a family member, but hoped they could be placed together.. They were listed for Adoption in May of 2005.

At long last, they have a new home together. Here is an update from the new owners.
8/29/05: "The Aby (Simba), now "Sam", is adjusting very well (he actually left the room on his first day and has been out ever since. My Aby "Fred" is hissing and a bit ticked off, but no physical fighting.
The other cat (Tiger) hasn't left the room, (soon to be renamed once we figure him out a bit) but is slowly moving around. At first he wouldn't leave his cage, and then he wouldn't leave his hole in his post.  Yesterday he was sitting on top of his post, and today he is walking around his room.  Fred hasn't been introduced to him yet. It seems that abys adjust much better than other cats. Maybe they recognize each other or maybe I'm projecting that on to them!!!  The dogs are curious, but for the most part oblivious to the new additions.
All in all I'd say it is going well."

9/19/05: "Sam is doing fantastic.  He loves to be scratched.  I know he needs to put on weight but we have to watch him as he will eat anything in sight, including the dog's food.  Berger (formerly Tiger) is slowly coming around.  He now uses the litter boxes in the utility room.  I have to to pick him up and bring him to the kitchen to eat, then he retreats to use the boxes in the utility room.
He loves to play, which we do every evening.  He sings to me when I come into the room.

Mink a spayed ruddy girl 
Mink's owner wasn't able to cope with her chronic rhino condition or her sensitive bowel condition.  She was to be returned to her breeder for rehabilitation and to be re-homed.  Sadly, however, her breeder had lost a long battle with cancer, and so Mink became a rescue.
While in foster care she was put on  L-lysine (an amino acid), for the watery eyes and sniffles, and was given an anti-inflammatory and special diet for the bowel condition.
She has responded well to these treatments, and is now in a new home.  Here is an update from her new owner.

(5/7/04) Hi ,  Just a quick update on Mink,
She's doing really well, no need for medication, just her special diet.  (Her litterbox performance has been very good.)  I figure she can have a can of wet food a week, half at a time, with a couple of days in between.  You should see her dance in anticipation as soon as she sees the can!  I've been mixing the L-lysine in the wet food, and sprinkling some on the kibble.  
So far so good. 
She's here for good -- I couldn't give her up under any circumstances.  Ten days and she has me wrapped around her paw.  She's the most cuddly cat I've ever lived with, and runs to greet me when I get home.  She's also unable to walk anywhere; running at top speed is much more fun. 
I think I got a really good deal -- she's a great little cat.
That's it for now, and thanks again for bringing Mink into my life.

(formerly known as ANGEL),
a neutered, ruddy Aby.
Angel was happy in his previous home, where he had lived with a dog, but his owner passed away and a new home was needed.  He was a friendly cat, but also a good sized cat with a bit of a belly. He is about 4 or 5 years old.
We have this report from his new home:
" Angel .. now known as Marlowe, which he actually responds to ... is
hereby officially adopted, which we knew, but now it's formal.  Roger
actually loves that cat, and so do ALL the dogs, although it was a
little rough with the big one.
But Marlowe is an angel, really -- loving, cuddly, adaptable, and now
happy as can be, what with his toys, his scratching post (and that's
the only place he scratches, bless his little Aby heart), his friends,
and his weight loss diet.  Already he looks better, and I play with
him, making him chase toys and move around, at least half an hour a
day.  He also loves to be brushed and combed, so there's not much
Anyway, thanks, thanks, thanks.  He's the best Christmas present I
could have, and he's even started sleeping on the bed.  Roger's idea,
not mine."

Angel (Marlowe)

Marlowe relaxing with a new buddy

After a few months of being a foster cat that didn't want to be anywhere near a person, and then only wanting to be near the person fostering her, here is a report two days after placement:

"Missy is really warming up.  She moved to my closet later Sunday evening, as I thought she might, (it's where I'd go if I were a cat), but wouldn't eat anything I offered.  She did eat yesterday (Monday) and she used her litter box.  She's VERY affectionate and just loves getting stroked and scratched under the chin, and I had her purring continuously.  She was even on her side/back stretched out in a backward "C" shape, crazy for all the petting.  She still likes the "safety" of the closet but I think her hunger for attention will bring her out and about on her own very soon. I'm relieved to know she likes all of us and we're on our way to happy bonding.  I'll keep you posted as things evolve."   ---   Stacy

When we were last contacted, Missy was waking her new owner up in the mornings with head-butts for petting when the alarm goes off.

Check here frequently for more happy endings!

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