Abby & Cleo

Location: Southern California

Age: Almost 5

Sex: brother and sister

Color: Ruddy

Health: Cleo is mostly blind, Abby has one clouded eye but can see

A word from Abby and Cleo…

Is someone looking at us Abby?

Yes Cleo, other humans are looking at us because we need to find a new home.  Our current human is ill and can’t take care of us.  

Oh hi there, are you listening in to our conversation?  That’s ok.  My brother Cleo is partially blind so I really help him out.  He doesn’t think he needs help though so let’s keep this between ourselves.  I do have a cloudy eye, but I can see just fine.  I can be shy around strangers but once I get to know you I will become a lap cat.  I love catnip and those feathers on sticks.  

Cleo is very chill and loves everyone.  He is also a lap cat and if you don’t pay attention to him when HE wants, he will let you know.



Love, Abby & Cleo