Location: Orange County

Age:  6 years approx.

Sex: male

Color: Ruddy mix


A word from Aggie…

A proper gentleman deserves all the luxuries of indoor living….. a soft bed, good food, love and attention!

It seem like a lifetime ago that I was living outside.  I really don’t want to go into how I ended up on the streets because it is just too painful to remember.   A very nice human found me and was taking care of me but then that human became too ill to continue to help me.

You will find me shy, however once we get to know each other I am very affectionate.   I love to have my chin scratched and will purr in contentment.

Are you looking for a chill guy?    I can be your match as long as you have no children or dogs….other cats are on a need to know basis!

Love, Aggie