Amore and Sal


Location: San Diego

Age:  8-10 yrs approx.

Sex: Male

Color: Ruddy friends

Health: on special diet

A word from  Amore and Sal…

We are a happy pair of goofballs.  Amore here – the spokescat of our duo.  I am the older one and I LOVE to snack….almost anything. I love to hang out in laps, but when I’m not relaxing I enjoy my smelly banana, chasing feathers on a stick and grooming my pal Sal.  I am curious about everything and have been told  that I really don’t act my age.

My pal Sal can appear to be shyer but I think he likes to let me do the first explore….then I will get in trouble.  It’s all good though as we have it worked out! Sal actually pretends that he is managing me – ha!  But seriously, Sal will be  the one to sleep next to the human and keep them company, but does enjoy playtime too!

Hope to hear from you soon…

 Love, Amore and Sal