Location: Los Angeles

Age: 2

Sex: Male

Color: Ruddy Mix

Healthy: current on vaccinations

A word from Arthur…

Guys just want to have fun and I am no different.  I am very playful…..and affectionate……and fun!  I am looking for a new human that will treasure me forever and treat me like the KING ARTHUR I am becoming.

I can play, then we can sit on the couch and watch that box and then play some more. If you have a fun loving feline, I’m up for that!   No dogs though because they just make me uncomfortable.  I am cautious about lots of new people so please keep that in mind if you think you want to take me home.

Lucky for me that some nice person brought me to a shelter because that’s how these nice S.C.A.R. people found me.  They just couldn’t resist my charm and I hope you won’t be able to resist me either!

Love,  Arthur