Location: San Diego

Age:  2 years

Sex: Female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Buffy…

Greetings to you.  I am Buffy as in the famous slayer.    Hear me roar…..or rather purr!   Oh you want to know about me…..well I am affectionate, playful, love mealtime and I use my litter box…what’s not to love about me.

My new home must have lots of playthings including cat tunnels, wand toys, ping pong balls, catnip, and I wouldn’t mind my own stuffed toy to carry around…  belly rubs are a must in the morning, as is having another fun kitty to play with.

I need a home with lots of action because I am a very busy kitty.

Now you can tell me about you.

Love, Buffy