Location: San Leandro


Age:  4 years


Sex: Female


Color: Ruddy


A word from Caleesa…

Hi there!   I’m looking for a new home with someone that gets me and understands my sensitivity.    Just so you know, the world revolves around me and my desires and it is all on my terms.

I like my ears massaged and sleeping under the covers.  I will cuddle when I feel like it and will let you know when I want to be cuddled.  I don’t like my tail touched, it is one of my sensitivities.  Something happened in my past and my tail broke so I have a shorter tail.

I want to be the only one, no other cats or dogs.   An adult only home with humans that have had abys before would be my preference.  When we get to know and trust each other, don’t be surprised when I start grooming your hair.      It will take patience on your part to let me trust you but once that happens – you will realize it was all worth it!

I will be waiting……

Love, Caleesa