Location: San Leando

Age:  9

Sex: female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Cinnamon…

Sure, just hearing the word Cinnamon invokes memories of baking cookies for you humans. Whatever it takes for you to pay attention to me here.  I may be only 9 yrs young, but I have what it takes to have fun, play, sit in your lap and be cute.   What else could you ask for?

I admit, it was rough on me the last year being bounced around after my favorite human passed, but I am ready now to give out my love. I only lived with my one human and there weren’t other furry animals around.  Yeah, I was spoiled with lots of treats and my temporary human keeps saying it is not healthy to have this extra weight on me.  Whatever………..

I’m waiting for you…..

Love, Cinnamon