Location: Los Angeles

Age:  1.5 – 2 yrs

Sex: female

Color: Ruddy Mix


A word from Daphny…

Do you want to know my story?   It was not an easy beginning and I can’t tell all of it because it is just too hard for me.    I found myself living on the streets and I had to scrap to survive, eating whatever I could find and fending off all kinds of animals.  Somehow I was lucky enough to find myself in one of those big buildings with people all around taking care of me….I think you humans call it a shelter.  I was skinny and had all kinds of physical problems.

How lucky was I that my foster mom saw something in me and got me out of there.  With lots of TLC I am much better and ready for a new home.   I am VERY active, constantly on the move, and I have lots to say.  Oh yes, I can have my cuddle moments and purr but there is just so much to see and do and make up for lost time.

I still have that scrappy instinct though and if another cat comes up to me, I will not stand down and….well fists could fly,   So my new digs would be better if I was the only one.

Love, Daphny