Location: San Leandro

Age:  8 years approx.

Sex: Female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Eloise…

Who doesn’t like Eloise?  I am everything you have been waiting for!  You can pick me up but hold me close. If  you sit down I will sit on  your shoulder and nuzzle the back of your head.  I like my ears rubbed and playing with that cat dancer toy.

I do not like other cats in my environment….see when I was a wee kitten all the other cats bullied me.   I don’t think I should have to be concerned about other cats and what they will do to me.    Give me a nice human any day and I will be happy!

When I was a kitten I did break my leg.  It was never taken care of properly so I hop instead of run.  My bathroom habits are different than other cats – only because there was one litter pan for so many cats.  I need two pans, side by side and one of them has to have a piddle pad in it (no litter).

I’m waiting for the right human to come sweep me off my paws….

Love, Eloise