Location: Reno

Age:  3 yrs

Sex: female

Color: Ruddy Aby/Chausie Mix


A word from Emma…

I have to be frank with you – I tried to tell them that I would not tolerate that last cat they brought in but they just wouldn’t listen.    Or maybe they heard me but just didn’t care because it was a cute kitten.  But I mean, really, I am still so young.   I guess as you humans say – things happen for a reason.  So I find myself with this really nice person although I know it is temporary.  She has been so kind and patient with me while I went through my adjustment.

And here I am ready for my new home and I am very excited.  Obviously one without lots of cats but one nice respectable cat would be ok.  No dogs please.  No children please.  I like a quiet environment.  I do understand that even though I want this new home it will take me awhile to adjust.

I would be so loyal……..

Love, Emma