Location: Southern California

Age: 6 to 8

Sex: female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Iris…

If you are wondering where my friend Macy went, well she fell in love with a couple of new humans and went off to live with them.  We talked about it and both felt it was time to spread her wings (or paws in this case) and I gave her my blessing.

Now it is my time to shine and shine I will.  I have discovered that dogs are not that bad – as long as they are polite and calm like the one here where I am staying temporarily.  I might get a little testy if another cat gets in my face so I would be open to sharing a home with another polite feline.

I love to just sit against you on the couch and look up at you with my big adoring eyes, purring all the while.  I lived with a single quiet human before so I would really prefer a similar situation.

Love, Iris