Iris & Macy

Location: Southern California

Age: Iris is about 6, Macy is about 2

Sex: female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Iris and Macy…

Since I am the oldest, I will do the talking.  You may think we are related, but we really aren’t.  But we do act like mother and daughter.  I took little Macy under my paw when she came to live with us and taught her everything all self respecting abyssinians should know.   It kind of tears me up to look at her now.  Yes, of course, she has a voice of her own, but she does look to me for guidance still.  And I admit, I can get a little annoyed sometimes, but it keeps her on her little toes.

Our human had been ill and now we find ourselves looking for a new home.  We have never been around dogs so we can’t tell you what we think of them.  I would think that we would be all that one human (or two humans) would need.  We only ask that you have patience for us to adjust as it has been quite a turbulent time for us. 

Love, Iris & Macy