Location: Los Angeles

Age: 8 yrs

Sex: Female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Katalina…

Ah, I see you recognize me and well you should.   For I am the Queen of the Abys and as such I expect your dignified response and your never ending respect.

Please never touch me until I have given you my acceptance, any other action would be rude on your part.  I have come to live in your world to learn more about you and your ways.  Some of your habits I find strange, but others are quite pleasant……like riding on shoulders and the delicious delicacies I find in my bowl.

I am learning to treat my feline subjects with some benevolance but it is not easy for me.  Therefore, IF I deem to consider living with you, it should be me and me alone.  If you have one of those small canine beasts, that would be acceptable as they mean nothing to me.

By now you should have an understanding of the depth of my very being and please know that anyone that would desire to have me live with them would need to be worthy of me.

You may kiss the ground now, Katalina