KimChee (also known as Princess)

Location: Colorado

Age: 5

Sex: Female

Color: Ruddy 

Healthy: current on vaccinations

A word from Princess…

My first recent memory of having a name is someone calling me KimChee after I was rescued from a feral colony.  No I am not feral, but it was the closest thing to a family and food source after…….that thing happened………… and no I DON’T want to talk about it.  

The name stuck when I was brought to that facility where I was thought to be only useful as a barn cat.  Imagine, a beautiful abyssinian such as myself as a barn cat, really!   Oh, I was so sad that nobody recognized me and really thought my life was over….but then somebody did recognize me, or several people.   I do know there was lots of whispering about how they could help me and then I became a S.C.A.R. cat and found myself inside a real home.   

It did restore my faith in humans but it is taking me time to learn to trust again.  I’m not really good right now with that touchy feely thing.  There are some cats here that I don’t particularly like, I guess that is when they started to call me Princess.

In a quiet home, I can learn to play again.   I won’t be easy and will need lots of patience to bring my inner spirit out again.  Please know that I will be worth it though.

Love,  Your little Princess