Location: Las Vegaas

Age: 10 – 11 yrs

Sex: female

Color: ruddy somali


A word from Kizzy…

Yes, I am cuteness overload!  And if I come live with you I will get even cuter!  I can be shy in the beginning, but once I get to know you I will turn into an affectionate purr machine.   I do the typical somali thing and head butt you and I like to be stroked along my back.

I believe in cleanliness and will wash my toys….after I have slept with all of them in my bed.   No, I don’t have a sink, I have a water bowl!

I can be picky about my food and my temporary human now knows to make sure there is gravy in my bowl.   She also took me to the doctor and now my teeth are pearly white.

Waiting for you….

Love, Kizzy