Location: Los Angeles

Age:  5

Sex: female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Livia…

Hi there!   A little while ago I came back to my foster because my human was too ill to take care of me.  Now I am ready for my new home – I would like one that is with one human and very quiet….that is what I am used to.  I’m not particularly fond of dogs and I am very picky about sharing my space with other cats.

I am very curious and love to play keep away.  My foster mom doesn’t think that is a good game though because it took her over an hour to catch me when she came to pick me up and bring me back to her place.   I thought it was fun!!!!  Wheeeeee!

Oh, thought you should know, I am a picky eater – I like to have a variety on my plate so I can pick and choose….well why not!

Love, Livia