Location: Los Angeles

Age:  8

Sex: female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Minnie…

Please don’t be sad for me – I am looking for a new home because my human passed.  Her family took me but then moved.  This nice family at SCAR took me in and here I am, just waiting for you….I hope.   

I am playful, loving, will nibble on your hair if you let me and may even give you kisses.  Just make sure I am not under your feet when you walk, I don’t appreciate being stepped on.   I ignore the other cats here but only because they don’t want to play with me.  Not even the dog wants to play but I understand because he is up in age (as you humans say).  I will love you even more when you sing my name to me….Min Min!!!

I feel like a kitten, but alas my temporary human tells me I am in the beginning stages of kidney disease.   I don’t think that should matter, do you?

Love, Minnie