Shadow and Sassy

Location: Long Beach

Age: 10-11

Sex: Shadow- male, Sassy – female

Color: Blue

Health: Shadow has weak back legs

A word from Shadow and Sassy 

I, Shadow, being the socialite of the group here will do the talking for us.

We have always lived together and it would be our desire to go to our new home together.  We have our own distinct personalities but who doesn’t in a family.  We can share a bed together but we can also sleep in different rooms.

Unfortunately, one of our human caretakers has left this world and nurtured us to health when we were kittens.  Our other human caretaker is no longer able to care for themselves properly and could no longer care for us.  It has been hard on us at such an age to lose both the humans we loved.   Lucky for us that our foster  humans are taking good care of us.

Sassy and I are siblings.  Sassy is shy and will take a back seat to me but I know deep down inside she wants loving.  I, on the other hand, will do anything to get  your attention and crawl into your lap.  I do have weak back legs, I couldn’t even use them when I was a wee tyke.  I can’t jump on things but might be able to walk up a ramp.

Love, Shadow and Sassy