Location: Los Angeles

Age: 4 yrs

Sex: Female

Color: Ruddy


A word from Sweetheart…

My time has come and I am ready for a new home.  You must know in advance that I am not the easiest one to live with – I am edgy.  I may be suspicious of strange noises and growl.  I may not be a lapcat and want to cuddle.  I want affection on my terms.  I do not like loud noises.  I HATE other cats and have been miffed that have to share my space with other female cats.   They make me nervous.  Little dogs are so much easier to deal with.   

This is in the beginning though and once I feel comfortable in my surroundings I can become a lapcat and snuggle and want under the covers at night.  A nice quiet home without outside noises would make me feel secure.

Are you experienced with all kinds of aby personalities?  Then you may be the one to love me forever!

Love, Sweetheart