Location: Los Angeles

Age: 2 yrs

Sex: Female

Color: Domestic Shorthair


A word from Taylor…

What am I doing here among all these abys you ask?  Well, I am so cute and loveable that they just couldn’t resist me.  My original humans moved and abandoned me in a trailer park.  Some nice human was feeding me but then I found myself in one of those crowded buildings that house all kinds of cats and dogs.  I had a very painful sore on my paw that wasn’t being taken care of.  Then I fluttered my eyelashes and I was saved.  Unfortunately by then the infection went into my bone.

I had so much fun going on my many visits to the doctor’s office because everyone oohed and ahhhed over me.  I was in my glory.

Now I am all better and it is time for me to move to a new home. I wouldn’t mind having a kitty playmate as I love to play.

Love From Taylor