Location: Las Vegas

Age:  2

Sex: Female

Color: Blue


A word from Violet…

Violet is a color, Violet is a flower.   Hey wait…Violet is me!

I’m a fun loving blue abyssinian looking for a fun home.  I have lots of energy to play and am very active.    Some of my must haves in my new home are balls, feather toys and lots of play mice to bat around.  Another must is a tall scratch post to run up and hang around on.  At only 6lbs, I scurry very fast!

No I don’t have time to be held, there is just too much to explore and do but I  love attention and will nudge  you to get it.   Of course I am good in my litter box – as long as it is not covered.

Oh, by the way, I am an only pet home.

Sorry, too busy to talk more, but if  you think you could handle me, get in touch with the humans.

LOVE, Violet