Location: Las Vegas

Age: Between 10 and 12 years old

Sex: Male

Color: Ruddy

A word from Zeus…

I am the mighty ZEUShear me roar!  They tell me I am between ten and twelve but I am not counting because – well, frankly it doesnt matter to me. What does matter to me is finding a home with someone that understands abyssinians and their need to play hard.  And their need to have their own space sometimes.  And their need to be respected.  All of those are important to me. I am a manly beast of a good size and therefore I must be recognized as such.   Older children that can understand this will be accepted.  I do not want to share my space with other members of the feline family or the canine family! Provide me with a tall tower to sleep on and I will be happy.  None of those soft slippery cat beds for me, oh no, give me a scrap of carpet to lay on and I will be happy.  

Love, Zeus