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Southern California Abyssinian Rescue (S.C.A.R.) is a registered 501(c)3 organization. We are a group of volunteers dedicated to the re-homing of Abyssinians and Somalis in the Southwestern United States.  We also offer counseling services to help when health or behavioral challenges come up as our goal is for the cat to remain in the home.  We do not have a shelter. Our Abyssinians and Somalis are fostered in private homes.  We also will consult about Abyssinians and Somalis outside our territory.

Do you have the heart to foster an Aby or Somali? We are always in need of Aby/Somali experienced people that can help us in caring for the cats we take in. The requirements are simple: a separate room to house the foster kitty, providing food, litter, water and alot of TLC. We provide lots of support and guidance. If you are serious about fostering, please email us for more information.


If you have an Abyssinian or Somali that you need to rehome, or know of one that needs help, please contact (310) 948-2070, speak clearly when leaving a message.  You can also contact

Our foster cats love to eat and we love to feed them.  Chewy gift cards are a great way of helping the cats.   They can be sent to


What We Do

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we take them from private parties or shelters
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we give them TLC and observe them after taking them in until ready for adoption
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we find them the purrfect home – no matter how long it takes
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we help when the Abyssinian or Somali is having behavioral changes