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Southern California Abyssinian Rescue, Inc. (S.C.A.R.) is a network of dedicated volunteers who serve the Southern California area and the CFA Southwest Region in rescuing and finding homes for Abyssinian and Somali cats and kittens that are in need.

If you know of an Abyssinian or Somali cat or kitten in the Southern California area that needs to be rescued, please email MARLA and copy  LYN   with "ABY Rescue" in the Subject line or call or text (310) 948-2070.  Please speak clearly with your name and phone number.


Donations are also welcome at:
P.O. Box 57
Whittier, CA 90608



MAKANI is a new S.C.A.R. rescue with a heroic background. His mom was with the Los Angeles Fire Department in 2001 when she traveled to New York to respond to the World Trade Center rescue effort.  When she came back, she lived on her boat with Makani, later traveling with him to Mexico and other local places.  Unfortunately she passed from cancer in 2015, perhaps from the inhalants from her rescue efforts at the World Trade Center.  Makani went to live with his human grandmother but now she is unable to care for him.  We thank ARK of San Juan for stepping up to help him and now he is with us.  When he lived with his human grandmother he developed diabetes and was on insulin, but later his diabetes was under control and he was taken off insulin.  Unfortunately, the stress of the recent moves has caused him to need it again. S.C.A.R. helps all abys and at 12yrs old, MAKANI is no different. We thank his foster mom for being willing to work with him.


If you are familiar with this disease and willing to adopt Mak, please email us. 


We honor MAKANI and his human mom for her service to our country.






Do you have the heart to foster an aby or somali?  We are always in need of aby/somali experienced people that can help us in caring for the cats we take in.  The requirements are simple: a separate room to house the foster kitty, providing food, litter, water and alot of TLC.  We provide lots of support and guidance.



If you are serious about fostering, please email us for more information.




Makani on the boat


UPDATE 4/18/18:  Mak is still taking insulin and we are looking to a day when he will not need it.  He does have chronic rhinitus, which we are keeping under control.


Insulin, needles and glucose testing  take up medical costs so any donations are greatly appreciated!





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Adopting a rescued Abyssinian is a very rewarding experience.  Most rescues are the wonderful, loving, delightful cats with who we all are familiar.  Occasionally rescues can come with health or behavioral problems.  Do not let this deter you.  With patience and love these cats can become an important part of your life. 

If you are committed to making a rescued Abyssinian's life comfortable and serene and want to be placed on a list as a potential person to adopt a rescued Abyssinian or Somali, please fill out our
ONLINE RESCUE APPLICATION  and you will receive a letter of confirmation.  All fields must be filled out or an error message will occur.

 If further information is needed, contact:  LYN  or MARLA.


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Betsy stays in our hearts and our minds.  She is the reason we work so hard and so quickly to rescue an aby or somali from a shelter.  She was brought there at such a young age.  We tried to help her get well, her will to live was there, but her body was not able to.

  Rest in peace, our little Betsy.

*********BETSY *********

IN MEMORIUM 2012-2013

To watch Betsy's story, please click on the link below, however we want to let you know it is very emotional:

Betsy's Story



For information on additional Abyssinian rescue groups, please contact

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Purebreds Plus

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Northeast Aby Rescue

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